Who Is Squid Games Star Ho-Yeon Jung Dating?

From "Tiger King" to "Bridgerton," Netflix has come out with its fair share of binge-watchable fan-favorite shows that somehow manage to blow up overnight and sprint right up to No. 1. However, the newly released Korean series "Squid Game" managed to surpass them all, with Netflix's very own co-CEO and chief content officer claiming at Vox Media's Code Conference that "Squid Game" is most likely to become the biggest Netflix show of all time (via Variety).

The shocking and gut-wrenching nature of the show is sure to have played a role in how huge it has gotten. The storyline and scenes have managed to be so horrifying that schools have actually been desperately urging parents to not allow their children to watch it (via Independent). The show's director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, even admitted in an interview with CNN Film School that he lost six teeth due to stress from the intensity of filming — that should give you an idea of the extremity if you haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

People have flooded the internet with their own opinions on which character they love or hate or love to hate. However, a consistent favorite appears to be Ho-Yeon Jung's character, Kang Sae-byeok. As with any star that's suddenly the talk of the town, everyone's eager to know all about her love life. 

Ho-Yeon Jung's boyfriend is proud of her success

Ho-Yeon Jung's success from "Squid Game" has been insane. The stunning star has been on the modeling scene for years, making her fashion week debut in 2017 (via Harper's Bazaar), but the show definitely granted her a lot more popularity and she instantly became South Korea's most-followed actress (she has 18.9 million followers as of publication), via NME. Suddenly, Jung was featured in the likes of Vogue, and even became Louis Vuitton's global ambassador (via Harper's Bazaar). The model-actress has been featured and interviewed pretty much everywhere, and she has been very open about her relationship.

In an interview with Herald POP, Jung shared how supportive her actor boyfriend, Lee Dong Hwi, has been of her "Squid Game" success (translated by Soompi). The pair have been dating since 2016, and she told Herald POP all about how much she values his own acting career and how much he supports her on.

"Since he's also an actor, he's a good senior, a good friend, and a good person," she said of her relationship. "He cheers me on a lot, and he worries for me as well. He's sort of like a dad."