The One Love Island Star That Hugo Still Wants To Couple Up With After The Show

Every Islander in 2021's "Love Island" villa experienced some sort of drama, but Hugo Hammond was in the thick of multiple times. Whether it was his comments about not liking "fakeness" (via Cosmopolitan) or his jaw-dropping recouping speech (via YouTube), the 24-year-old PE teacher certainly made his presence known.

The constant drama certainly seemed to benefit Hammond, seeing as he managed to stay in Mallorca for six weeks of the show's seven-week run. His luck eventually ran out when he ended up being one of the show's "least-liked" contestants according to Cosmopolitan after fans grew tired of his inability to actually settle down with someone and even suggested he went on the show for a "free holiday."

After he returned home from his time in the sun, he acknowledged the criticism but told The Sun that he "tried really hard" and that "you can't make girls fall for you if it's not reciprocated and vice versa."

But there is one girl that's caught Hammond's attention since leaving the villa, and that's Priya Gopaldas (via the Mirror).

From what Hugo saw of Priya after he was dumped from the island, he's very interested

During an interview on ITV's "Lorraine" (via YouTube) on Aug. 11, 2021, Hugo Hammond told host Christine Lampard that he would have loved to have gotten to know Priya Gopaldas. Hammond had already been dumped from the villa by the time Gopaldas made her entrance on Day 42 of the series (via Love Island Wiki).

Clearly, Hammond continued watching the show after leaving the villa as he was taken by Gopaldas despite not meeting her face to face. This interest came after Lampard suggested that he and the medical student would have made a good team. "Having just seen bits and bobs of her over the last couple of episodes, she looks like a great girl and I would have loved to have got to know her," the "Love Island" star suggested. "But unfortunately, I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to do that."

By the looks of Hammond and Gopaldas' social media accounts, the pair have yet to have a formal meetup. But who knows what Hammond and Gopaldas have been doing outside the lens of their phone cameras.