Royal Expert Shares How Kate And William Use Diana's Example To Stay Relevant

The British monarchy are known for their dedication to traditional royal protocol. However, royal spectators have noticed that Prince William and Kate Middleton have taken a different approach when carrying out their royal duties and public appearances, similar to that of William's late mother Princess Diana

Per The Sun, evidence of this was seen at the London premiere of the 25th James Bond film "No Time To Die" in October 2021, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge rubbed shoulders with A-list celebrities including the likes of Daniel Craig.

As The Express reported, William and Middleton were also noticeably affectionate with one another while on the premiere's red carpet outside the Royal Albert Hall and were spotted holding hands on numerous occasions, something that would normally be deemed breaking royal protocol. 

Speaking to the publication, the associate professor of modern British history at The Catholic University of America, Laura E. Mayhall, said the couple's actions at the movie premiere seemed to channel those of the Duke's late mother, and described the late Princess of Wales as "the epitome of the celebrity royal," citing her iconic dance with John Travolta at the White House as a perfect example.

"Kate and William are invoking Diana's ease with 'ordinary people' (as if celebrities are 'ordinary'), an ease which Charles and Camilla lack," she added.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are embracing the celebrity royal

Speaking to The Express, Mayhall also went on to note that the couple aren't the only royals to have embraced the sphere of celebrity, adding, "Certain members of the family have pushed that connection farther than others — Edward VIII, for example, was widely viewed as a celebrity ... Princess Margaret also pushed that line, but the royal family exercised more control over how the media portrayed its members in the Fifties and Sixties."

While attending the "No Time To Die" premiere, the Duchess of Cambridge also appeared to have paid tribute to her late mother-in-law by wearing a similar dress to the one Princess Diana had worn to a previous James Bond film premiere back in 1985. 

Per Us Weekly, a source claimed that the fashion tribute was no accident, adding that Middleton "admired Diana's taste in fashion before William came into her life." The insider continued, "During her school days she'd tell friends that Diana was her style icon."