Couples' Costumes For Spending Halloween With That Special Someone

Halloween 2021 will be a time to rejoice after 2020's special, spooky day was lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. With vaccinations on the rise, many people across the world will be tricking and treating all night long this October 31, and we've got you covered for the big day. This year, there are some costumes that you'll see everywhere and even dogs have their own trendy costumes this year! Moreover, we've gathered all the clever Halloween hacks you need to make your night a roaring success.

This Halloween more than ever, couples will be especially uplifted. If you've lived with your partner during the pandemic, you can surely use the night out with them after being inside with them for so long, and if you don't live with your partner, it's your chance to meet up and have a fun-filled night. No matter your situation, Halloween will serve as a perfect avenue for couples to rekindle their flames, and if you're going to go all the way, you need a matching couple's costume to take your night over the top.

Switch it up with this playful couples' costume

During the pandemic, nothing brought people together quite like racing each other on "Mario Kart" or sparring on "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." That's right: According to Good Housekeeping, some couples are dressing as a Nintendo Switch this year to reflect the time they spent using it to bond throughout the pandemic.

This idea is cute because the Switch has two controllers, allowing one partner to be the signature blue controller and the other the red. Talk about a cute homage to fulfilling moments in a relationship!

This character is often turned into sweet treats, but now it's a popular costume

Nothing tastes better — or sweeter — after a fun night out than a chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk, right? According to PopSugar, that's exactly what's inspiring some couples to dress as Cookie Monster from "Sesame Street" and a milkman.

This pairing is a creative one because it's not a canon couple from a movie or a pair of things like the Nintendo Switch but instead a pairing that's unique and makes perfect sense. After all, don't we all want to find our milkman in life?

In these costumes, you won't age a wink on Halloween

If you do want to dress on Halloween as an established couple from a film, why not travel to Neverland? Okay, they're not a romantic couple, but Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are still a couple of famous icons from the world of Neverland — and they'll be popular this year as folks spread their wings to fly on Halloween night (via Woman's Day).

The beauty about dressing as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan is that you can make your outfits as simple or elaborate as you want. They'll look good no matter what, and everyone will recognize you.

These costumes are Gaine-ing a lot of praise this year

If you'd prefer a couples costume based on real life characters rather than fictional ones, what about Chip and Joanna GainesGood Housekeeping explains that people will be dressing as HGTV's power couple en masse this year, and it only makes sense. A lot of people spent ample pandemic time living vicariously through HGTV personalities, so this is the ultimate homage.

The Gaines have a signature style that's easy to replicate, but realm working power tools are not required.

This Halloween might get a little stranger than usual

Where some costumes reflect on the last two years, some look toward the future. Netflix has begun promoting Season 4 of its hit supernatural series "Stranger Things," a series of which fans can never get enough (via The Verge). Now, according to Woman's Day, fans are getting ready for it by dressing as its characters, including Steve and Robin, the cutest couple in Hawkins, Indiana.

Specifically, couples love and have been replicating their work uniforms from their ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy!

So, which couples' costumes will you be leaning into this year?