Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 - Details We Know So Far

"Big Brother" is one of the twistiest reality series on television, and its format gets even juicier when celebrities join the fray. Like any other reality series, "Big Brother" has its secrets that producers don't want you to know, and we'd be remiss not to mention the biggest scandals in its decades-long history, too. It's even home to budding couples, as some housemates fall in love with each other each season. Naturally, we've kept an eye on what these memorable couples are doing now.

A few years ago, the "Big Brother" universe expanded to include "Celebrity Big Brother," a spinoff series in which celebrities were microphoned and locked in the BB house. Just like regular seasons, the celebrities are monitored all day, every day, and they compete in various competitions and get evicted until one celebrity is left standing (via Paramount+). Thus far, "Celebrity Big Brother" has aired for two seasons and went conspicuously missing after its second season, but it's finally been confirmed to return for a third season.

Let's get into everything we know about "Celebrity Big Brother" Season 3 so far.

When will Big Brother Season 3 come out?

The exact release date of "Celebrity Big Brother" Season 3 may not yet be known, but we do know a general timeframe of when to expect the season to begin. According to CBS' press release, Season 3 will air in winter 2022 (via The Futon Critic). Fret not, though. You won't have to wait until December next year to finally see "Celebrity Big Brother" return to your screen. In fact, Season 3 might be coming sooner than you think.

Keeping in line with the first two seasons of the spinoff series, Season 3 will begin airing in February 2022, per Variety. It will air in conjunction with the Winter Olympics for the first time. Like with past seasons, too, the live feeds will return, but this time on Paramount+'s live feeds. This allows fans to watch the celebrities 24/7 and catch moments that don't make the final episode cuts.

Who will be on Celebrity Big Brother Season 3?

The best part of "Celebrity Big Brother" is the casting. Everyone always looks forward to discovering which singers, actors, politicians, and more will be entering the famous sequestered house. After all, the celebrities will be bound to 113 microphones and 94 HD cameras, per The Futon Critic, making this one of the most intimate experiences viewers can have with celebrities.

As for Season 3's cast, we still don't know any specifics. However, we know that Julie Chen Moonves will return as the series' host (via Variety). Chen Moonves has hosted every season of "Big Brother" and its celebrity spinoff series.

One thing we do know about Season 3's cast is that it will be inclusive. Last year, CBS vowed to make its reality series more diverse by requiring that half of each series' contestants must be Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) (via Vulture). This vow applies to "Celebrity Big Brother," meaning we can expect half of the contestants to be celebrities of color, a move that's very necessary considering that the first Black winner of "Big Brother" happened only this year on Season 23, per CNN. "Celebrity Big Brother" has at least had a Black winner before, with singer Tamar Braxton taking home Season 2's title (via Essence).

Did CBS sell the famous Big Brother house?

Not much is known about "Celebrity Big Brother" Season 3 yet, but we know that it will take place in a new "Big Brother" house. That's right: CBS has been in the process of selling the property on which the studios for shows like "Big Brother" are (via Deadline). This property is located in Studio City in Los Angeles and covers 40 acres of land, per The Hollywood Reporter.

"I know even the possibility of a sale raises lots of questions, especially for those who work at Radford," CBS president and CEO George Cheeks told CBS employees, with Radford being the name of the property in question. "I can tell you that regardless of whether Radford is sold, we will ensure we have the studio capacity to support our leading broadcast and production businesses."

It's safe to say that, if "Celebrity Big Brother" is going to air in February, a new "Big Brother" house is likely being constructed right now. It may be slightly different than the home we're used to seeing during "Big Brother" season, but new things are exciting sometimes, right? So, who are you hoping to see on the new season of "Celebrity Big Brother," and are you excited that it's finally returning after so much uncertainty?