Actress Lily Rabe Reveals What Meghan Markle Was Like In College

Long before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, she was an aspiring actress. Markle seemed to shine in the spotlight, and even appeared on television for the first time in 1993 when she spoke out about a "sexist" commercial for Ivory dish soap, per Insider. She got her first credited role in 2002 when she appeared as the character of Nurse Jill on the soap opera "General Hospital." In the years that followed, Markle appeared in roles on shows such as "CSI," "The League," and "Knight Rider." She also got a role on the "90210" reboot. In 2007, Markle landed a steady job as one of the briefcase models on the popular game show "Deal or No Deal."

However, it wasn't until she landed the role of Rachel Zane on the TV series "Suits" that her career really began to flourish. "I see Rachel as such a good friend, and when you play a character you love, it's so much easier. I root for her; I'm almost like a fan," she told Marie Claire of her character back in 2018. "Rachel is like the ultimate best friend — who has a closet that I always borrow things from in my personal life," she added.

Markle's acting career came after she studied at the prestigious Northwestern University. However, she isn't the only famous actress to grace the college campus.

Lily Rabe says Meghan Markle helped show her the ropes at Northwestern

Actress Lily Rabe, who is best known for her roles on shows such as "American Horror Story," "The Good Wife," and most recently "The Undoing," also attended Northwestern University at the same time as Meghan Markle. Rabe, who graduated in 2004, admits that Markle was a few years ahead of her in school, but that she had plenty of interaction with the future Duchess of Sussex during her time on the campus (via 9Honey).

"She was a few years ahead of me but yes, we had I believe the same acting teacher and met sort of early on when I was a freshman," Rabe told the outlet. "I was introduced by our acting teacher that she would show me the ropes and show me around campus a little bit, and she was very lovely," the actress confessed. In addition, Rabe says that she has seen and spoken to Markle since graduating from Northwestern. However, she admits that she hasn't crossed paths with the royal as of late. While Markle went on to become a member of the royal family, Rabe has also found success and even got her first big break starring opposite acting legend Al Pacino on Broadway before landing her first movie and TV roles.

It seems that Northwestern has produced some great acting talent, and if Rabe and Markle are any indications of the program, then more aspiring actors may want to attend the Illinois college.