How To Achieve The Perfect Cozy Inside Halloween Decor

From houses filled with Spirit Halloween's creepy animatronics to those that display cute and colorful creatures in neon colors, everyone has their own style when it comes to decorating for Halloween. However, there's something special about a really cozy vibe.

Candlelight creating the perfect ambiance, bats hanging from the ceiling, grinning jack-o-lanterns, a mug filled with pumpkin spice latte, the TV glowing with your favorite flick of the season ... These are just a few of the elements that are seen in drool-worthy homes during this autumnal season. 

Nailing this trend requires more than just an abundance of decorative items, though. (But in our opinion, the more, the better, and we're pretty sure fellow lovers of this holiday would agree!) There are materials, lighting effects, and even scents to consider. Have no fear, for we've compiled the best tips for achieving the perfect cozy Halloween aesthetic to save you the hours spent scrolling through Pinterest. 

Incorporate a variety of textures and layers

One hot tip that many may overlook is to think about textures and layers when decorating inside for Halloween. A truly great collection will include items made of plastic, metal, wood, tin, ceramic, and fabric. And these will be placed in different ways, at different heights, and in different arrangements, adding in dimension and interest. For instance, felt garlands can be draped over windows, on mantels, or through shelves, as DIY expert Amber Kemp-Gerstel says this material "in general, provides a cozy feel in your home" (via PureWow).

The accompanying image shows a great way to display a variety of Halloween decorations, though the same tips can be applied to items that have more of a general fall vibe. According to Party City's chief marketing and experience officer, Julie Roehm, to achieve this, you should consider adding in hay bales, warm wood tones, leaf garlands, buffalo check print, and more — all of which are inspired by a "harvest market" theme (via PureWow).

Turn to vintage decor

Another way to add in coziness is through vintage decor, and this year, Google searches for these items have been on the rise (via Fox News).

Lindsay McEwan, who owns a store called Trashion, says to check "thrift stores, grandma's attic, garage and estate sales, [and] eBay" when shopping for such decor, and Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic Design has specific examples of how to utilize found goodies: "Vintage postcards that can be tucked into mirrors, old artwork with black cats and haunted houses, tin lunchboxes with vintage Halloween designs, and even Victorian lamps with a dim bulb are wonderful additions to one's seasonal décor," she told Fox News. "Thinking outside the box is key to achieving the vintage, mysterious, spectral feel of the Halloweens of yesteryear." 

Retro Halloween decorations can help to further achieve this overall vibe, and according to McEwan, they have an added bonus. "After the last few years of unrest in the world, nostalgia is something comforting that brings everyone together," she said.

Get inspired by social media

As mentioned, it's common to see pictures online of rooms filled with candles, jack-o-lanterns, mugs, blankets, and TVs playing Halloween movies, so feel free to copy some of these scenes that are all over Instagram and TikTok

Once again, texture comes into play, since a blanket or three can definitely add coziness and make for the perfect Insta snap (via Elite Daily). Consider options in chunky knits and in earthy, autumnal colors.

Another necessary element is the perfect lighting, which can be accomplished in a few different ways: There are colored light bulbs in purple, orange, or red, which can replace normal ones during this time of the year; there are candles that either emit a fall scent or that are battery-powered, making for a safer flicker; there are string lights that add ambiance and that even come in fun seasonal shapes and styles; and, of course, there is that glow of the screen, showing off a favorite spooky film (via Elite Daily).