How Saving The Earth Has Become A Royal Family Affair

Just like her royal cousins Prince William and Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie has expressed her concerns over the environment. According to The Daily Mail, Eugenie, who is an ambassador of the Blue Marine Foundation, has launched a plea to help protect the Earth's oceans, which she claims are "the best natural solution we have to climate change on the planet."

A piece for Spear's Magazine co-written by Princess Eugenie and the CEO of the Blue Marine Foundation, Clare Brook, highlights the "man-made" challenges the Earth's oceans face and what we can do to help fix them. They held up the example of Ascension Island, a UK territory which has set aggressive goals for saving the ocean.

"If the rest of the world were to follow Ascension's example, we could see fish stocks recovering and carbon-absorbing habitats reviving within a few years — all with the potential to mitigate climate change." The article published on October 12, 2021, continues, "There is only one ocean. The challenges it faces are sadly man-made and most can be turned around if we act now. If we work together to protect it, the ocean will protect us — in perpetuity."

Princess Eugenie has followed in the footsteps of Prince Harry and William

Prior to Eugenie's plea, the Duke of Cambridge unveiled the finalists of his Earthshot Prize initiative that aims to find people who have inspiring and innovative solutions to problems facing the planet, including climate change. Per the BBC, the 15 finalists were chosen by a group of experts who have chosen projects that they believe will have a "significant positive impact" on planet Earth. A total of five winners will be selected on October 17, 2021, and will each receive a £1 million ($1.3 million) grant.

As The Independent reported, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle also attended the Global Citizen Live concert in New York City in September 2021, where the couple took to the stage to address the thousands of spectators and millions watching at home. 

The event, which included performances from the likes of Lizzo, Billi Eilish and Ed Sheeran, took place in various major cities around the world, and aimed to raise awareness of some of the biggest issues faced by society today, including the climate crisis.