LGBTQ Couples' Halloween Costumes That Will Be Total Show Stoppers

The best part of Halloween might be dressing up in elaborate costumes and embodying someone else for a night, and it gets even better when you're dressing up with the love of your life. This year, you'll see some Halloween costumes everywhere because of their inspirations' popularity over the last year or two, and you may even see dogs in some super cute costumes, too! We've even got you covered with the best clever Halloween costume hacks.

Halloween 2021 is more important than ever as people need time to be communal, have fun, and let loose, if possible and safe, after so much time spent inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. LGBTQ individuals and couples, in particular, deserve a liberating night — and entire spooky season — especially if they're in a couple who has been separated throughout the pandemic. But just what should these couples wear?

Let's break down the best LGBTQ couples' costumes for 2021.

If you're a Shrek fan, this couples' costume is for you

This year, one of the best ways a gay couple can present themselves is as Prince Charming with his own, well, Prince Charming (via Your Tango)! And what better version of Prince Charming is there than the one from "Shrek 2?"

Subverting the relationship between Prince Charming and his traditional princess is long overdue, and it's a perfect way to represent the true love shared between you and your partner. Prince Charming costumes are easy to buy and even easy to DIY, so making two shouldn't be a problem!

Now we can only hope that movie studios like Disney will take these costumes as inspiration for a future film.

This '90s series should inspire your next costume

Sometimes, the best costume choices are rooted in nostalgia, especially if both of you share the same nostalgic points of reference. If you grew up with Pokémon — or came to it later in life — then you should no doubt try a couples' costume of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu (via GCN). Ash and Pikachu are lifelong partners in the Pokémon animated series, and isn't that a form of true love, too? Ash's outfit is especially easy to put together, and Pikachu costumes can typically be purchased, so this is very doable — and cute!

These DC Comics villains will turn heads on Halloween

While costumes don't inherently have gender and can be worn by anyone, let's turn to a women-forward couples' costume idea. According to Insider, one amazing lesbian costume idea is dressing as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn from DC Comics. These villains' appearances are iconic and rather easy to pull off if you have a knack for crafting, as DIY accessories will take store-bought costumes for these villains over the top. In any case, dressing as these two characters together will turn heads in the best way.

This pairing is unexpected but wickedly fun

Sometimes villains do it better. Like with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, another costume idea could reside in the Wicked Witch of the West from "The Wizard of Oz," except she should be paired with Glinda the Good Witch, not another villain (via Insider). Turning these adversaries into a powerful couple is not only fun but also the hope that some people need to see in this world. (We won't tell anyone if you don't actually paint your skin green to become the Wicked Witch.)

Here's why couples are dressing as a beloved "The Good Place" character

Finally, another unexpected but fun take on a same-sex couples' costume hails from NBC's "The Good Place." If you've seen the show, you know that the series depicts two versions of D'Arcy Carden's character: Good Janet and Bad Janet (via GCN). Therefore, couples could experiment and have a little fun with a less traditional costume and be the life of every party they attend. It's like dressing as the devil and an angel but more modern, in tune with the media, and thought-provoking.

So, which LGBTQ couples' costume is your favorite? Will you be trying any this year?