The Clothing You Should Wear For Your Upcoming Tattoo Appointment

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting and fun experience for those who love to get inked. Tattoo appointments are things that many people plan out and look forward to for weeks or even months, depending on the artist you book with and where you are getting your work done. No matter what your new piece may be, getting a tattoo is not something that is quick, easy, or simple. In fact, getting a tattoo is an experience that takes time and planning. 


There are some things tattoo artists say you should absolutely do before an appointment. For one, you should always eat before getting a tattoo and stay hydrated. When getting tattooed, your body builds up adrenaline, and you may bleed. Sometimes, people get light-headed from this. Eating a good meal beforehand prevents that "woozy" feeling (via Playhouse Tattoos). You should also come well-rested so you have some energy, especially if you're getting a bigger piece and it's a longer session. 

Planning ahead also means that when you show up at your tattoo appointment, you're dressed for the occasion. 

How to dress for your ink appointment

Preparing for your tattoo appointment means you have to think ahead. What you're getting and where you're getting it should be the starting point for how you're going to dress. For example, if you're planning to get something on your back or ribs, wearing a bra is not going to work. If you're getting something on your arm, you want to wear a tank top or short sleeves. In addition, if you're doing a leg piece, wearing shorts is key. 


You want to ensure that you don't wear anything too tight or restrictive, too. And wearing clothes that can be removed easily is crucial (via Damask Tattoo). If you're getting work done near a sensitive area, such as your butt, groin, or your chest, artists suggest wearing a bikini top or a bathing suit bottom so that you're not naked or in your underwear (via POPSUGAR).

Tattoo sessions can be long, too. So, you want to make sure that you are comfortable while sitting or laying for your ink. Wearing jeans is definitely not going to be comfy. When all else fails, go for sweats or leggings!