The Best Dumbbell Sets For Your Home Workouts

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Let's face it: Working out can be difficult, and sometimes, it just seems like an impossible task, especially after a long workday. That being said, few can deny the powers of a good exercise routine. As health psychologist Dr. Kelly McGonigal explained to CNET, "when you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid," all chemicals associated with happiness. Even more, as Dr. McGonigal said to the outlet, it can lead to "feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling less anxiety and stress and even less physical pain." The New York Times echoes this, citing research that shows that just a bit of exercise a day can boost feelings of positivity. Okay, we're in!

Once you've decided to invest time in working out, it's time to decide the details like how and where. Maybe you've always loved to dance and are into the idea of a belly dancing, flamenco, or Zumba class. Or, you might want to go all "Million Dollar Baby" and bring out your boxing gloves, à la Hilary Swank. But if you don't want to get too inventive with your workout, simply trying an effective functional training routine at home might do the trick. 

If a traditional exercise routine is your jam, you're going to need high-quality dumbbells that will last a lifetime. True workout must-haves, dumbbells are great for squats, bicep curls, and more, upping your training every day from the comfort of your living room. Here are the top 20 dumbbell sets to buy right now.

Über-affordable dumbbells

First up: the most wallet-friendly dumbbell sets money can buy. If you recently decided to stick to an at-home exercise routine, your safest bet is to start with budget-happy weights. Sure, some say it's best to "go big or go home" (literally!). But starting small and working your way up to higher-end equipment is smart — and it gives your bank account a breather.

We'll say it time and time again: Target can do no wrong. This All in Motion Dumbbell ($5.99) is a total winner in our eyes, combining major cost-effectiveness with true quality. These dumbbells range from two to 15 pounds, going from an unbeatable $3.99 to a maximum of $25.99. In gorgeous pastel hues like aqua and ballet pink, these dumbbells have us imagining decking out our home workout corner with a bubblegum-hued set-up. Made out of PVC neoprene, these weights won't slip from your hands, have an iron core that will last a lifetime, and have a hexagon shape for zero rolling around your floors. Per POPSUGAR, these are "soft-to-the-touch," too. It's important to note that this price is for only one dumbbell, so make sure to grab two.

If you prefer chrome handles over neoprene, try these Amazon Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weights ($16.99). According to Fit Body Buzz, these dumbbells are durable and have a rubber encasing for minimal noise when dropped. Sold individually from 10 to 50 pounds, these weights have extra texture on the handle for a perfect grip.

Travel-friendly dumbbell sets

If you have a job that requires lots of travel, or you just have a serious case of wanderlust, you might be on the market for dumbbell sets that are tailor-made for trips. Whether complete with a zippered case or finding mega-innovative solutions for extra weight in your baggage, these are the perfect dumbbells to take with you on your next vacation. 

Bala has made a splash as of late in the fitness world, coming out with aesthetically pleasing, portable exercise equipment. While the brand's Bala Bangles ($55) are its most famous product, combining chunky jewelry with weight training, we're just as obsessed with the Bala Bars ($55). Take it from Women's Health: they named these the best dumbbells for travel, with a "great weight distribution." Smooth like butter in high-quality silicone wrapped around stainless steel, these dumbbells have a unique design that makes them perfect for everyone, from beginners to expert-level fitness fanatics. These are three pounds and come in tons of pastel hues (or black for zero stress about stains). Keep them in their mesh case when you pack them up in your luggage and prepare for tons of compliments!

You can also try these Mworld2 2Pcs/Set Portable Adjustable Water-Filled Dumbbells ($38.99), which have us downright mind-blown. As recommended by VeryWellFit, these dumbbells are meant to be filled with water and can be emptied out to weigh just two pounds. Fill these up to a maximum of 44 pounds, and revel in their utmost versatility.

Want it all? No problem — try these adjustable dumbbells

Even though some say we can't have it all, we're thinking twice after getting the low-down on adjustable dumbbells. While you might have already been planning a set-up chock-full of different colored dumbbells, each with a different weight and size, think again. These adjustable versions are space-saving, so they're perfect if you live in an apartment or simply hate clutter. Plus, these are extremely high-quality and might just save you money in the long run.

First, we have this Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair, Free Weights 2-in-1 Set ($89.99), all-in-all a fitness wonder. A must-have as per POPSUGAR, this pair of dumbbells is truly wallet-friendly, adjusting from 0.6 to 17 pounds by switching up the eight different weight plates. Different from other kinds of adjustable dumbbells on the market, this set is cost-effective and comes with an extra bar to transform your weights into one barbell. These are made out of neoprene and are totally non-slip, with thousands of five-star reviews deeming these perfect for a "home gym on a budget."

Another exercise solution we can't believe really exists, Ativafit's Adjustable Dumbbell ($99.99) is everything we didn't know we needed in workout equipment. Recommended by Women's Health as the best lightweight adjustable dumbbells, these go from 5.5 to 27.5 pounds with an easy switch of plates, have a comfy soft-grip handle, and come with convenient storage. Keep in mind you need to buy two of these for a pair!

High-performance dumbbells that come with their own stand

Adjustable dumbbells are fun and practical, but you might be sweating (pun intended) at the thought of switching plates and dealing with any kind of technicalities. Maybe you want to go the traditional route and opt for an array of weights — with an included stand, of course. If you want to go all-out with your workout corner or home gym, these dumbbell and stand sets will take you where you need to go.

You can say we're obsessed with this DHT Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Set with Rack ($359), which dare-we-say just made exercise equipment more adorable than we ever imagined. Weight plates in pastel hues like pink, aqua, and butter yellow range from four to 22.8 pounds, easily attached to textured metal handles. Totally '80s in the best way possible, these dumbbells are "Miami Vice" meets "Sixteen Candles" and we love it. Women's Health says these have the "best design" of any dumbbell set, and the rubber-coated square plates mean no issues with your weights rolling around.

If you want to go the more classic route, or just a little less cotton candy-inspired, try this CAP Barbell 150-Pound Dumbbell Set with Rack ($349.99). This option features pairs of five, 10, 15, 20, and 25-pound weights, made out of steel and a sound-proof, long-lasting coating. We love the blue metallic rack — and the 3,000-plus 4.7-star reviews. According to VeryWellFit, this set is the best "all-in-one training system" and perfect for quick after-workout storage.

Waterproof dumbbells for workouts at the pool

Let's say you want to make your workouts just a bit more aquatic, whether hitting your gym's 25-yard pool or taking a dip in your own. If you love working out below water for its extra resistance, constant cooling, and fun factor, it's a great idea to add weights to your routine. Of course, you need high-quality waterproof dumbbells that will withstand rain or shine.

We love these Sporti Aquatic Fitness Light Dumbbells Water Weights ($18.95) for their unbeatable price, their attention to quality, and yeah, that gorgeous crystal-azure color. Women's Health named these the absolute best aquatic dumbbells out there, explaining that they're a must-have for any pool exercise routine, whether building biceps, shoulders, or even glutes (yes, under-the-sea squats exist). As per the product page, these offer "light" resistance and can even help improve flexibility. The padded handles help with extra grip and comfort, while the foam is designed to never absorb water.

Conversely, you can go for this Sunlite Sports High-Density Dumbbell Set ($21.99), which VeryWellFit recommends if you want to make your water workouts as challenging as possible. These are made out of EVA foam, which as per the outlet, is made to float, giving them an extra dose of resistance. These are chlorine-resistant too, so you don't have to worry about your pool water tearing them to shreds. Thousands of five-star reviews rave about how "well constructed" they are and how effective they are. Portable, versatile, and durable!

Super-luxe, top-quality dumbbells

Sometimes, you want to go all-out, whether it's taking your partner out for an alfresco date night at your favorite restaurant or splurging on that leather jacket you know you'll wear forever. If you've already gone through your fair share of inexpensive dumbbells and want the best weights money can buy, look no further than these two picks. 

Nordic Track's ​​Select-A-Weight 55 Lb. Dumbbell Set ($599) is pricey, but the design is meant to last a lifetime, including a whopping 15 weights in one product. Even better? These weights are the Peloton of dumbbells, designed to complement Nordic Track's iFit experience, a round-up of different fitness classes filmed by the world's top trainers. NBC News recommends these for anyone on the market for adjustable dumbbells that is also interested in following a structured, "on-demand" training routine and for anyone who likes space-saving storage and a beautiful design.

You can also try Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell ($499), which is pricier than Nordic Track's version because it only includes one weight (you need to purchase two for a full pair). Still, the steep price is worthwhile, with T3 rounding these out as their absolute favorite dumbbells, ever. Deemed simply "the best" weights available to purchase, the outlet commends the brand for its versatility, with each dumbbell easily ranging from 10 to 90 pounds. The best part? You don't have to deal with switching plates — just choose your desired weight by moving the dial around. Easy as (protein-packed) pie!

The best neoprene dumbbells

Neoprene is a classic dumbbell material for a reason. As per StyleCraze, the material is made for a secure grip and gives your hands extra comfort when pumping iron. With a classic, soft-touch feel, we've found the best neoprene dumbbells on the market today.

Give this Portzon Set of 2 Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights ($18.89) a try — they're what neon-pink dreams are made of. POPSUGAR recommends these dumbbells wholeheartedly, describing them as a "soft-grip option" that won't break the bank. Similarly, VeryWellFit is obsessed with these, coining them the "best budget" weights available and a "classic pick." As per the outlet, the neoprene makes them remarkably comfortable to grab onto, and their hexagon shape assures zero rolling. Ranging from one to 15 pounds, these are versatile and cute.

You can always go for Gaiam's Neoprene Hand Weight ($17.98), a high-quality dumbbell Women's Health says is the absolute best neoprene buy out there. Why? Per the outlet, these have an "extra thick coating" that gives them an even easier grip than other neoprene weights and makes sure they will stand the test of time. Sold per unit (buy two if you want a pair!), these dumbbells have a cast iron interior that's synonymous with durability. Plus, the neoprene means you can drop these on the floor and won't hear a thing — so no downstairs neighbor complaints, either. In tons of gorgeous bright shades, these dumbbells will make you want to buy a full set.

Extensive dumbbell kits for a complete at-home gym

Whether you're designing the perfect living room exercise corner or you're designing a full weight-training room in your house, you might want a complete dumbbell set in every weight imaginable. If you have the space for it, why not? Here are our absolute favorite dumbbell sets.

This BalanceFrom Colored Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set with Stand ($91.18) is small but mighty and has you covered when it comes to all your fitness needs. At just under $100, this weight set is a great deal, including three pairs of dumbbells weighing out at five, eight, and 12 pounds and a durable metal A-line stand. According to Women's Health, this is the absolute best set to buy if "just getting started on your home gym." Almost 18,000 reviewers agree: "Don't think twice, buy it."

Let's say you want to bring out the big guns: in that case, Rep Fitness Rep Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set ($999.99) is your best bet. As per Bar Bend, this is a traditional set of weights with rubber heads and textured metal handles and is wallet-friendly when you think about the cost-per-dumbbell. You get 10 pairs of dumbbells in five-pound increments, ranging from a lightweight five pounds all the way to 50. The rubber is "ultra-low odor," the handles are made for a super-secure grip, and the set comes with a lifetime warranty. It's important to note that the rack is not included, so make sure to purchase that separately!

The best dumbbells for beginners

If you're just starting out in the exercise world, you might want to know the best dumbbells for beginners. While most neoprene options will do, we've uncovered the top two weights that are tailor-made for anyone still dipping their toes in the water.

Adjustable and budget-friendly? We can barely believe this Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Pair ($29.99) exists, combining everything we ever wanted in a dumbbell set. These dumbbells pack a punch with different bars that let you change their weight, taking these from 2.3 pounds to 4.5 pounds per unit. Coated in neoprene, these offer a non-slip grip that's comfortable to hold — very important if you're using weights for the first time and don't have those callouses just yet. The rounded shape is soft on your hands, the colors are adorable, and the adjustability means you get five weights in one small package. As per Women's Health, these are the absolute "best for beginners." If you want something heavier, try the 11-pound version instead!

You can also try Dick's Sporting Goods' Fitness Gear Neoprene Dumbbells ($4.99), individually sold at different weights ranging from one to 20 pounds. POPSUGAR recommends these for anyone looking to buy dumbbells that won't break the bank, a great idea for people who are just starting an exercise routine. As per the product page, these are super-durable with a cast iron base and thick neoprene coating, and they feature easy-to-see weight labels on the head.

Vinyl dumbbells for an easy grip

If you've ever considered yourself to have "butterfingers" and let things fall much more often than you'd like to admit (guilty!), you want a set of dumbbells that will never slip from your hands. While neoprene and textured handles usually do the trick, your safest bet is almost-sticky vinyl. These vinyl dumbbells offer the best possible grip and yeah, we need that.

POPSUGAR raves about these Reebok Training Dumbbells ($20), loving the gray color that complements any decor under the sun. We love this four-pound pair for its no-slip grip, heavy-duty vinyl coating, and a cast-iron interior that means they will last forever. As per the product page, these are great for all kinds of workouts: whether focusing on biceps or using these to up your squat game. The four-pound weight is versatile, and they're wallet-friendly, too.

If you prefer something that's just like kissing the rainbow, this SPRI Dumbbells Hand Weights Set of 2 ($10.99) is downright unbeatable. Dipped in the highest-quality vinyl, these weights come in neon hues like bubblegum-pink, purple, lime-green, cherry-red, and sun-kissed orange. "Easy on floors," don't be scared if they do end up slipping from your hands — no one will hear a thing. We love these for any kind of sweaty workout, especially as an accompaniment to your cardio routine. More than 11,000 reviews say these dumbbells are "perfect for strength training." Meanwhile, NBC News says these are the best for beginners who don't need "bells and whistles."