The Truth About The Kids Of The Wu-Tang Clan

Rap group Wu-Tang Clan started in New York City back in 1991. The original members of the group are RZA, Ghostface Killah, ODB, Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, Inspectah Deck, U-God, and Masta Killa, and they were joined by longtime friend Cappadonna in 1995 (via First Avenue). While the group has been open about their rise to stardom and the many trials and tribulations they have faced along the way (per the BBC), they have each been a lot less open about a very important part of their lives: the families they've built over the years.

Most of the members of Wu-Tang are dads in addition to being superstars, and as we'll discuss, those that are parents appear to have made not putting their children in the spotlight a priority. However, some of those children have gone on to embark on their own musical careers, and details about the lives of others have been mentioned in the media here and there. Here's everything we know about the kids of Wu-Tang Clan.

Method Man collaborated with his son on a song

Method Man and his wife, Tamika Smith, have been married for over 20 years, and the two have three children together. The Sun reported that the pair were first introduced when Smith was hired as Method Man's assistant. Their children are Sha, Rae (Raekwon), and Cheyenne. 

Like other members of the group, Method Man has largely kept his wife and children out of the spotlight. According to AfroTech, the family reportedly live in the same house Method Man lived in when Wu-Tang started. However, that doesn't mean that his children are completely hidden. In fact, one of his sons uses the stage name PXWER as part of his involvement with the group 2nd Generation Wu, and HipHopDX shares that Method Man collaborated with PXWER on a song in 2020.

PXWER told the publication that, even though he knew his dad would put his own verses to shame, working with him was incredible. PXWER also pointed out that, outside of their familial relationship, it was an honor to have a legendary artist like Method Man on the track. He said, "I knew he was gonna body me, but it's whatever. Not many up and coming artists can say they worked with a Hip Hop legend like Method Man."

ODB had seven children before his death

Russell Jones — or ODB — was the father of seven children when he died in 2004 — not 13 children, as was rumored, according to Entertainment Weekly. Each of his seven children have inherited parts of his estate, a promise that ODB's former lawyer Jarred Weisfeld explained to the Daily News was made early on. Weisfeld said, "We made him a promise. If or when he passes, all his seven children will be taken care of."

ODB was married to his wife, Icelene Jones, for 13 years, and four of his children were conceived outside of that marriage. According to the New York Post, Icelene initially tried to deny that those four children were ODB's, but Weisfeld also made a point of clarifying that issue as well. He explained, "I have seen the birth certificates of the four children in addition to the other three and they are all signed by Russell Jones personally."

Weisfeld also pointed out that while ODB was imprisoned in 2001, his chief concern was making sure his kids were okay no matter what happened to him. The New York Post noted that ODB's family was appalled by his wife's attempts to exclude the rapper's non-marital children from his will.

RZA has seven children too

RZA, aka Bobby Diggs, is the founder of the Wu-Tang Clan. Per Live Ramp Up, he's been married twice: first to ex-wife Eboni Mills, whom he married in July 2000 and with whom he shares four children. Their names are Shaquasia, Melchizedek, Understanding, and Eternity. RZA also fathered a few other children outside of his marriage to Mills, Raindia and Prana, who were both born in 2000. RZA and Mills divorced in 2006, and the rapper and producer later married his second wife, Talani Rabb. According to Rabb's Instagram account, the two share a son together. 

While most of RZA's children have stayed away from the spotlight, Prana Diggs has been vocal about what it was like to grow up with such a famous father. Prana told Slate that her parents met through work; her mother was a back-up singer for Wu-Tang Clan, and she and RZA were friends for quite sometime before Prana was born. Prana also explained that her step-mom is great, saying, "I love my stepmom. She's awesome. I've known her since I was like 4. They are so perfect together."

Ghostface Killah's kids are interested in music

Like many members of Wu-Tang Clan, Dennis Coles, aka Ghostface Killah, hasn't spoken in the media about his children that frequently. According to HITC, Mr. Killah is dad to three sons and one daughter, and a look around the internet shows that while the names of each of his children aren't widely available, it seems like at least two of them have entered the music scene in some way.

As reported by Variety, one of his sons, aptly named Sun God, joined forces with three other Wu-Tang children, and they've started their own group called 2nd Generation Wu.

Ghostface's son Infinite Coles has also launched his own music career. Notably, Infinite is also the nephew of RZA, according to Crack Magazine, which essentially makes him music royalty. In fact, his uncle is the one who first saw that Infinite had musical talent. Infinite told Nylon, "The first time I sang, it was at the Wu-Tang house," adding, "I was 14 years old and the family was celebrating Christmas. I sang 'O Holy Night.' RZA and everyone was like, 'Your voice is so good!' He told me that things were going to get good for me."

Cappadonna has eight kids and is a grandfather

Cappadonna is another member of Wu-Tang Clan who has an impressive roster of children — as shared by X Appeal, he is the father of three daughters and five sons (including triplets). Cappadonna is even a grandfather these days, a role that he explains he absolutely loves. He told the publication, "I feel like I've succeeded the boundaries of parenthood, that I graduated to another level." He added that he's been able to help his children teach their children lessons, which must be rewarding.

Cappadonna also said that his youngest daughters are mostly protected from online life, as they have a "very strict" mom who keeps them off the internet. He also says that some of his children are interested in music while others are not; one of his sons raps, but Cappadonna isn't necessarily interested in his children pursuing music professionally. As he put it, there are bigger goals to pursue. He said, "The two youngest do little rap routines, I don't encourage it, I encourage school for them."

U-God has a son who almost died when he was young

Lamont Hawkins, better known by Wu-Tang fans as U-God, is dad to one child who has a pretty harrowing story. As shared by The New Yorker, when his son Dontae Hawkins was only 2 years old, he was involved in a shooting after an adult chose to use the child as a human shield. Somehow Dontae survived, but the shooting resulted in long-term damage to his hands and his kidneys.

Inside Edition reported that the person in question was a babysitter and that Dontae was shot in the back. He could have been paralyzed, but Dontae largely recovered. Dontae explained what happened during the shooting to the outlet, saying, "I was an innocent bystander and I got hit with a nine millimeter shell through my back, through my torso, out my hand." Fortunately, Dontae and his family made it through the experience and his subsequent hospital stay and recovery. 

These days, Dontae, also known as iNTeLL, is also trying to get into the music business, but he told Inside Edition that he's not trying to be his dad. He said, "To follow in my dad's footsteps would be impossible. I am trying to create my own footsteps, but while adjacent to his and using them as a guide."

Raekwon has two kids, but not much is known about them

According to the website Net Worth Post, Corey Woods, also known as Raekwon, is father to two children. He has a daughter named Cori Andrea and a son named Jabairi. Of all the members of Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon might be the most secretive about his children. There is little information available about them, and it is difficult to find information that even indicates who their mother(s) might be.

However, every so often, Raekwon has referenced fatherhood. While speaking to Jon Stewart as part of a Wu-Tang Clan interview in 2014, Raekwon told the talk show host he had decided to rejoin the group in large part because he has children to take care of (via The Guardian).

During his part of the interview, Raekwon explained that being part of Wu-Tang means he and the rest of the guys can take care of their families. However, it also means they're sometimes out on the road, so he focuses on his family when he is there. Raekwon said, "I think it's important for me to go out there and do what I say I'm going to do, get back home to them and then hit up Disneyland."