Was Brian Laundrie Just Spotted Biking On This Back Road In Florida?

The case of Gabby Petito's murder has been the center of media coverage since she first went missing back in September 2021. Whether it was social media or traditional news sources, everyone was working together to bring attention to Petito's case. According to the The Washington Post, her case may have even gotten too much coverage, ignoring other cases of missing people, especially those of color, to zoom in on one case over all others.

While the amount of media coverage was controversial, it worked in finding the body of Petito. Now, the hunt is on for her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, the last person to have seen her. Members of the public have turned into amateur detectives, hoping to find leads that'll bring Laundrie into police custody. No one has seen him for well over a month now and the search is on to bring justice to the Petito family.

However, this hasn't had strictly a positive impact on the case. According to the Daily Mail, an innocent man who happened to look like Laundrie was spotted in the area where they think he could be hiding out — that led to the FBI approaching the man with guns pointed. While they realized their mistake, this could have ended badly.

Now, there has been another supposed sighting of Laundrie, but is this the real deal?

Many believe Laundrie might have been caught on camera in Florida

The video of the alleged Brian Laundrie sighting was obtained and posted by TMZ on October 19, 2021. The video shows a man who many believe could be Laundrie riding a bike on a rural trail. According to the homeowner who captured the video, the trail is rarely used by anyone at all. TMZ claimed the video has been turned over to the FBI, but no word on whether or not this is a substantial sighting has been issued.

The man seen in the video is wearing a hefty backpack, big enough to keep enough supplies for someone on the run, amateur detectives believe. The rural trail is in Dunnellon, Florida, a few hours from Laundrie's home (via the New York Post). While some believe this could be a promising lead, it's important to remember that Laundrie sightings have been happening all over the country at this point. Only time will tell if there is any substance to the video recorded on a rural Florida trail.