Here Is The Song In The New Oculus Beat As One Commercial

The use of a popular song can make or break a commercial and therefore make or break the advertisement of a good or a service. Granted, the song has to match the mood of the commercial and the company's brand, but a popular song can reach audiences that a commercial without one often can't. We've seen this with the song in Allstate's "Everything's Alright" commercial, Amazon Prime's "Cleopatra" commercial, One A Day's One Body commercial, and now, we can see this in Oculus' Beat as One commercial.

Oculus is a leading virtual reality (VR) company, offering users to experience the world around them in new ways. Ever wanted to visit Wonderland? How about playing music in new, exciting ways? Oculus has you covered. Oculus transports users to different worlds and creates new atmospheres around them through their headsets, and their technology is constantly evolving (via The Verge). Users can play a wide variety of games using their Oculus headset as well, including "Beat Saber," the game for which Oculus released their latest commercial.

But just which song is used in the commercial, and why do you know it?

Oculus' new commercial is making users "happier than ever"

Virtual reality company Oculus is constantly and consistently releasing new updates to their popular games, and as such, their latest commercial promotes such developments. In their "Beat Saber" game, users will now be able to "experience Billie Eilish's music in a whole new way," per Oculus' YouTube channel. In fact, if you thought you recognized the song used in their commercial, you were right. It's none other than "Happier Than Ever" by Eilish herself.

"Happier Than Ever" is the title track from Eilish's sophomore album, which was released on July 30, per Genius, and being able to experience the song, along with other classic Eilish staples, in virtual reality will be sublime for fans. In fact, Oculus' commercial opens up with a soft instrumental, and Eilish's voice doesn't come in until people in the commercial put on their VR headsets. All at once, Eilish's voice rings loud and clear, and the song's beat takes over.

"Happier Than Ever" is anthemic in its own right, and it's a perfect addition to "Beat Saber" not only because of its target audience and message but also because of its production. In "Beat Saber," users become one with the music and use sabers to hit beats and, in a way, tango in the VR universe, as seen in Oculus' commercial.

We'll take any way we can to experience Eilish's music. She is, after all, the voice of a generation.