Royal Expert Believes That Meghan Markle Shares The Same Trajectory As Princess Diana

Princess Diana lived a storybook lifestyle if you were to look at her from the outside. She married a prince, had two adorable sons, and enjoyed royal privileges — like living in a castle! But as the world now knows, life was lonely at the top, with Diana's struggle with an eating disorder well publicized, and her marriage falling apart due to Prince Charles' alleged cheating with his now-wife, Camilla Parker Bowles (via Vogue).

Of course, Diana would be hunted all the while by the paparazzi, and eventually die while fleeing their prying lenses (via Parade). Years later, her son Harry married Meghan Markle, who has endured her fair share of challenges since joining the royal family. In her widely-watched Oprah interview, the former actress said she suffered from severe depression while pregnant with her first child, and even had suicidal thoughts. The Duchess of Sussex has also spoken out about feeling the wrath of the press, and in fact, won a lawsuit after alleging her privacy was invaded after a letter to her father was published by Associated Newspapers (via AP News).

Now, royal expert Andrew Morton says Meghan may be following in Diana's tragic footsteps.

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Meghan Markle has already suffered like Diana according to Andrew Morton

Appearing on "Good Morning America," Andrew Morton spoke about the similarities in the stories of two of the most famous members of the royal family, Diana and Meghan, both outsiders, and both falling victim to the viciousness of the British press.

In talking about his 2018 tome, "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess," Morton, who also wrote a bestselling book about Diana, addressed how he sees Harry's other half falling into the same trap as his famous mom did.

"Meghan's gone from 'Duchess Dazzling' to 'Duchess Difficult,' exactly the same trajectory happened with Diana," he said. "And both of them at the same time were struggling emotionally and mentally to cope with, first of all, being pregnant, but also with life inside this goldfish bowl of the royal family."

Obviously the hope would be that Meghan's fate is far less tragic than her mother-in-law's ultimate demise and that she gets the support Diana never received.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.