Fans Can't Stop Talking About Randy Travis' Tribute To Garth Brooks At The CMT Awards

Country music legend Randy Travis has just, again, melted the hearts of his fellow musicians, fans, and his 1.5 million Facebook followers. Travis, a seven-time Grammy winner, suffered a massive stroke in 2013 which him unable to sing, talk, or perform basic motor functions (via AXS TV). However, in 2016 upon being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Travis brought millions to tears as he belted out a few bars of "Amazing Grace" (via YouTube).

Once again, the baritone crooner invokes a tremendous emotional response. Travis, 62, was awarded what many view as the most important accolade of a musician's career, the Artist of a Lifetime trophy, which he received at the 2021 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony on October 13, as noted by US Weekly.

The award was lovingly presented by his longtime friend, fellow country superstar Garth Brooks, who spoke words of gratitude, pride, and praise over Travis (via Taste of Country). Garth stated, "I stand here tonight as one of the benefactors of this man's contributions to country music," and he went on to say, "I've said it before and I'll say it again: Randy Travis single-handedly saved country music."

Randy Travis will bring you to tears

After the awards ceremony, Randy Travis took to his social media to express his feelings of admiration, gratitude, and love concerning fellow musician Garth Brooks. The opening line of Travis' message starts tenderly. "When my last silent prayer is said, I'll thank God for @garthbrooks in my life," he wrote on Instagram. He went on to poetically describe the two as parts of "a mountain range," with each having "a different climb to the top, with different views."

As the description further cascades, the emotion behind it is enough to take your breath away, leaving you with a lump in the throat. "Thank you, Garth, for the time you always take from your climb, to check on me and share your kind words with the world about what I meant to you," wrote Travis. "I may have helped bring our genre back to life, but you taught it how to live!"

The message has fans all in their feels, and we can't blame them. You'll find over 200 comments on the Instagram post. "Maybe the nicest most heartfelt thing I have ever heard. Fine words Mr. Travis," wrote one fan. Another said, "Dear sir the world is thankful for both your gifts. Also I think you just wrote the beginnings of a song in this post. Maybe another mountain top is closer than you think."