Big Brother Season 24 - What We Can Tell Fans So Far

"Big Brother" is a reality game show that has been airing on CBS for 21 years. The show picks a group of 16 houseguests, all from different backgrounds, and plops them together in a house filled with cameras and microphones to record them 24/7 as they interact and compete in challenges (via CBS). The purpose of the game is to survive the duration of the stay; each week, the houseguests vote on one unlucky person to be evicted from the house. The last guest standing wins the grand prize of $500,000 and, of course, epic bragging rights.

The show recently aired the grand finale of Season 23, where lawyer Xavier Prathes (pictured above) was crowned the winner by his peers (via CNN). According to longtime host Julie Chen Moonves, the latest "Big Brother" season produced the "the most successful 'Big Brother' alliance in history." The group of six Black houseguests, calling themselves The Cookout, vowed that, no matter what, they would only vote non-minority guests out of the house, ensuring that a Black houseguest would win. And their strategy proved to be successful (per CNN).

With such an exhilarating last season, fans are wondering if Season 24 can possibly live up to the hype. Read on for everything we know about "Big Brother" Season 24, as of this writing.

When will 'Big Brother' Season 24 be released?

In true "Big Brother" fashion, a release date has not been announced just yet for Season 24, but the casting call has already been posted. Further confirmation has been made by host Julie Chen Moonves, who tweeted a video captioned, "BB23 is over but BB24 and BBCeleb are coming. See you soon (heart eye emojis)." In the Tweet, Chen revealed that "Celebrity Big Brother" Season 3 will be airing in February 2022 and "Big Brother" Season 24 will be airing in summer 2022, following the show's usual broadcast schedule.

Keeping an eye on the "Big Brother" social media accounts and Chen's Twitter is likely the best way to discover the exact Season 24 premiere date. If you're jonesing for more "Big Brother" content and just can't wait — or need to catch up on previous seasons — you can head over to CBS or Paramount Plus and binge-watch the show over and over again.

Who will be the cast on 'Big Brother' Season 24?

It's safe to say Julie Chen will return to host Season 24 of "Big Brother," considering that she's hosted every season since the show debuted in 2001. She told Entertainment Weekly that she wants to continue hosting the show forever. 

"I can't imagine the show existing and me not being part of it," she said. Chen is also a super fan and says she uses lessons from the show to instill in her 11-year-old son. As of now, Entertainment Weekly reveals that there are no plans to remove Chen as host of "Big Brother."

As for the houseguests, we can expect continued — and even more — diversity among them, with at least 50% of the cast being non-white. Deadline reports that, moving forward, CBS ensures that 50% of its cast members for reality shows will be Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). The casting call is open, so perhaps you or someone you know may be a houseguest on "Big Brother" Season 24.

What can we expect to see on 'Big Brother' Season 24?

"Big Brother" Season 23 was filled with firsts, including the first all-Black alliance, the first Black contestant to win, and the first time in the show's history that the winner was awarded $750,000 as opposed to the $500,000 grand prize of previous seasons (via the Los Angeles Times). While we can speculate that CBS may try to top that amount this season, we must wonder if it's at all feasible. Epic Stream reports that it's unclear if the new, larger grand prize will still be in play next season.

Regardless, with 24-hour surveillance, little-to-no privacy, and 16 strangers thrown together in one house under extreme pressure, "Big Brother" is a true nosy person's delight. The past 23 seasons of the show have produced romances, dramas, friendships, fights, and laughter, and we certainly anticipate seeing much more of that to come. 

Until the new season airs, we'll just have to settle for binge-watching reruns and catching Season 3 of "Celebrity Big Brother" in February.