Royal Photographer Reveals Intimate Details About Kate And William

Prince William and Kate Middleton appear to have a fairytale life. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are one of the most recognizable couples in the world, and they appear to be stronger than ever after recently celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary back in April 2021. For their milestone anniversary, William and Kate shared some very sweet photos with their fans, per The Mirror. In the pics, William and Kate smile brightly as they snuggle up together — even body language expert Judi James revealed that the duo look to be the perfect pair.

"The couple in the most recent photos are people you'd want in your social bubble, popping in for drinks around the BBQ," James said of the Cambridges. "Happy and incredibly relaxed together, they look like they'd be the best fun. Some couples grow apart during a decade of marriage, but William and Kate's body language suggests they have grown closer and learned to enjoy life openly and with confidence," she stated, adding that William looks happy to have found his "perfect match" in Kate.

The couple wowed again as they attended the Earthshot Prize ceremony together in October 2021, and one photographer couldn't help but gush over the pair's obvious adoration for one another.

William and Kate appear to have a strong partnership

Prince William and Kate Middleton captured hearts and attention during the ceremony for the Earthshot Prize on October 17, 2021. The duo was so captivating that photographer Chris Jackson couldn't help but gush over the pair, per People. The event was held in hopes of creating awareness and finding solutions to some of the most dire challenges facing the Earth at this time, including climate change. Jackson revealed that during the ceremony, Kate looked impressed with William's hard work. "The Duchess obviously felt really proud of what [Prince William] had achieved with seeing first-hand this realization of this huge amount of work for him. It was a really special evening," the photographer stated.

Jackson went on to admit that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the perfect people to bring awareness to pressing global issues. "These two have an incredible ability to shine a spotlight on global issues — and to work on this and make it happen has clearly been a big thing for [the Duke]," Jackson said."[William and Kate] are proud of each other and are a strong team," he added.

It appears that William and Kate are united in many things, including their activism work, which likely gives them a more solid foundation as they prepare for their roles as the future king and queen.