How To Have The Perfect Hocus Pocus Themed Halloween Party

'Tis the season for black cats and witches hats, and nothing screams that more than "Hocus Pocus." Another added perk of the season is the opportunity to go all out for a Halloween party. If you're looking to combine the two and throw the ultimate "Hocus Pocus" themed party, you're in the right place. We've put together the list of must-have items to make your party stand out among all the others.

From putting together "Hocus Pocus" themed foods to setting out the actual black flame candle, these items are guaranteed to put a spell on all your guests in the best way. Because when it comes to nailing a themed party, the devil is in the details.

So whether you're looking to throw an iconic last-minute party or you've got plenty of time to plan, these party decorations are for you. Not to mention that they totally nail the "Hocus Pocus" theme without requiring you to get too crafty. Here's everything you need to make your party a success this spooky season.

Add the black flame candle to your decor

The ultimate way to nail a "Hocus Pocus" themed party is to have details that everyone will notice, but no one will expect. Sure, anyone can master the iconic witch costumes. But if you really want to blow away your guests, get the black flame candle for the party.

According to PopSugar, there are tons of different black flame candle options out there. For the most iconic decor, you'll want to stock up on a candle that you can actually light. You know, for the shock factor. Maybe even flicker the lights a few times when you do it.

This Black Flame Candle from Etsy is only $12. Oh, and you can choose from over 40 scents, like chai tea, cabernet, and autumn wood. Don't worry, though: This candle won't bring any witches back from the dead or anything. It will make for an iconic party though.

Nail your Hocus Pocus themed food

When it comes to a party, food is the perfect way to nail a theme. There are all different levels of creativity when it comes to serving up an on-theme meal. 

Of course, a "Hocus Pocus" party wouldn't be complete without "the chocolate covered fingers of a man named Clark" (via Get Yarn). It's really easy for you to just open the bag and throw them into a cute bowl. Add to your candy dish some of the chocolate suckers that Dani eats when she walks into Allison's house and you're guaranteed to have an incredibly iconic candy dish.

If you're looking to get a little crafty, then the Jell-O Witches Cauldron from Sweet and Simple Living is the recipe for you. Grab some mini cauldrons and stir together some Jell-O and Cool Whip and you have a delicious and super easy witch-themed dessert. It's as easy as if you were casting a spell yourself.

Set out the witches' brooms

If you really want to all out with the theme of the party, then you'll need some brooms. After all, no witch is complete without her broom — or vacuum! 

You can order yourself a "Hocus Pocus" lookalike broom on Spirit Halloween's website, although they're currently all sold out. These would look absolutely adorable sitting by the front door of the party. (Just make sure no one drinks and flies.)

Of course, you could easily hand-make your "Hocus Pocus" brooms, as well. Or, you know, just set out a few brooms that you already have around the house. If you really want to nail the theme, put out a vacuum next to them too. Any fan from the movie will instantly get a good laugh. Tie it all together with a printable "Hocus Pocus" broom sign from Etsy and you have the ultimate theme party decor.

Have the book of spells sitting on your counter

If there was one thing that Winifred Sanderson has by her side, it's her book of spells. That means that your party should probably have it too. 

There's a replica book of spells available on Etsy and it's so good that it's actually scary — every single person attending your party will notice this item and be blown away. Not to mention it's actually a working notebook! You could use this for a guest book or really commit to the theme and have some of your own spells written inside. Or, you know, just the drink recipes.

No matter what level of commitment you're going for this Halloween, these "Hocus Pocus" items are all must-haves. Plus, you can keep using them year after year. So don't think of it as just nailing a theme, but also stocking up on iconic decorations for years to come.