Joe Biden And Donald Trump Have This Surprising Thing In Common

One would think that the only things that former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have in common is the fact that both have lived or are living in the White House. Yes, Trump was once a Democrat like Biden before he ever ran for president, but Trump had no experience in government before becoming the leader of the free world, while Biden had been a United States senator for decades before becoming vice president for eight years. The way the two men have handled the presidency have also been decidedly different, with Trump in office as a Republican pushing conservative policies and Biden as a moderate Democrat pushing some of the most liberal policies of his life.

But it turns out they have one other thing in common that involves their television viewing habits, something Biden revealed on October 21, 2021 during a CNN primetime town hall in Baltimore, Maryland.

Do Joe Biden and Donald Trump have the same viewing habits?

It's no secret that one of Donald Trump's favorite television channels is Fox News. After all, he would frequently tweet things he saw while watching Fox News during the four years he served as president. He also frequently still appears on Sean Hannity's Fox News show. It turns out, Joe Biden also watches Fox News, but not necessarily for the same reasons as Trump.

"I turn on Fox News to see how popular I am," Biden joked with town hall moderator and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. When Cooper asked how he's doing on that channel, Biden joked some more, saying, "I'm doing very well. I think I'm at 3% favorable," as noted by the White House briefing website

However, he soon got more serious and addressed the fact that Fox News hosts are constantly criticizing him for instituting vaccine mandates when the same hosts need to be vaccinated to work there. "You know, they mandate vaccinations? I find that mildly fascinating," he said of the Fox News policy that requires its employees to be vaccinated or succumb to daily testing (via Deadline).

It turns out Trump and Biden also have this one other thing in common. Both men are vaccinated against COVID-19, with Trump receiving his vaccine just before leaving the White House, according to The New York Times.