Dr. Pimple Popper Season 7 - Details We Know So Far

At the time of the premiere of "Dr. Pimple Popper" in 2018, videos showing blackhead and cyst removals (the more disgusting and graphic, the better) almost became a sort of therapy for many. A few years before the premiere of her incredibly popular show, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee — aka Dr. Pimple Popper — began filming and uploading videos of herself extracting zits and clearing the pores of her patients. As it turns out, there is actually some sort of psychology behind enjoying videos of graphic dermatological extractions. "Some people may get a sense of control and satisfaction that they are 'treating' themselves," Dr. Abigail Cline told Men's Health. "They are cleaning or ridding their body of something that doesn't belong. Others might enjoy the grotesque aspect of extractions and feel a bit of bizarre fascination when they see the outburst of pus."

Aside from finding success on her show, Dr. Lee has also been quite a hit on TikTok, posting videos with cheeky themes that reference pop culture topics ranging from "Squid Game" to Olivia Rodrigo and Taco Tuesday (a strange theme for a pimple popping video, to say the least).

For those looking forward to more gory pimple extractions in the future, this is what we know about the 7th season of "Dr. Pimple Popper."

When will the 7th season of Dr. Pimple Popper premiere?

In July, the 6th season of "Dr. Pimple Popper" premiered on TLC. The channel has yet to announce when the 7th season of the show will debut, though, given its popularity, it's unlikely that the show will be canceled any time soon, per Meaww. Filmed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 6th season of the show featured some of Dr. Sandra Lee's toughest cases yet, including a man with growths on his nose that are so large that he can barely breathe and a woman who has been called a monster due to head-to-toe bumps on her body caused by neurofibromatosis, according to a TLC press release published by The Futon Critic.

If you simply cannot get enough of Dr. Lee's dermatological feats, the spinoff show, "Pimple Popper: Before the Pop," which debuted last year, is also available to stream on TLC's website. In the spinoff, Dr. Lee takes virtual appointments during the beginning of the pandemic to help her clients figure out their various skin issues. To make things a bit more interesting, due to COVID-19 protocols, these clients have to solve their skin issues on their own, using instructions given to them by Dr. Lee, per a TLC press release published by The Futon Critic.

Dr. Lee never saw herself becoming a national sensation

From a young age, Dr. Sandra Lee has at least thought about one day becoming a dermatologist. This is because Dr. Lee's father was also a dermatologist and she grew up around dermatology textbooks and the feedback from his happy clients. "It was interesting to be given textbooks at home with skin conditions in it, so it was like a normal thing in my life and that's part of why maybe I developed a good bedside manner per say or connection with my patients," Dr. Lee told Cosmopolitan Middle East. "I took over my parents' practice, my dad's practice that is, he retired and yet there are so many patients that love him still."

Despite the fact that Dr. Lee has received national praise and recognition for her work, she often feels guilty about exposing her loyal patients to this sort of scrutiny. "Certainly, if you had told me years ago that people would know me internationally as a pimple popper, I would think you were insane," Dr. Lee told Cosmopolitan Middle East. "But it is so. What has been most stressful when I first started this is two things: Making sure that my patients are treated with respect, that I'm not feeling like they are vulnerable because of all this. And treating their conditions as professionally as possible."

Dr. Lee recently addressed a "grits and chives" cyst

When she's not popping zits or extracting blackheads to lighthearted pop culture themes, Dr. Sandra Lee is taking a more serious approach when helping her clients solve skin issues. Earlier this week, Dr. Lee shared the second part of a short video documenting her work with Yami, who has had a massive lump just above her clavicle since she was 10 years old, on her Instagram page. "[When it's gone] I'm going to have more confidence," Yami said, per Yahoo! Life. "I'm going to feel a lot better about myself."

Though Dr. Lee was unsure whether the lump would be a lipoma, a fatty tumor located just under the skin, or a cyst, upon cutting into the mass, it was clear that the gushing nature of it pointed to a cyst. The substance that came out of Yami's cyst looked eerily similar to grits and chives (apologies to those who enjoy consuming either of these foods). "I feel like a new person ... I looked at the mirror for the first time and I saw a new person in me — a new confidence. You changed my life. Thank you," Yami told Dr. Lee, according to Yahoo! Life.