How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're A Gemini

Ah, Gemini. The twins. A constellation that embodies duality more than any other. Being a Gemini inherently means that you carry within you depths that people of other signs can't reach. Some may call you two faced, but you're actually multifaceted and capable of feeling emotions beyond what others feel, even if they conflict at times.

Geminis should consider certain careers because of their depths, for example, but everyone gets things wrong about Geminis, too. They're not intentionally malicious or liars that are out to get you. They simply feel a lot of things. According to Co—Star, great examples of this air sign lie in Kanye West, Stevie Nicks, and Prince, and each of these celebs exemplifies the classic Gemini traits of being incredibly diverse in their knowledge, being charismatic, using humor as a coping mechanism, and employing arguing as a flirtation method. Arguing can let you see someone's true self, after all.

However, when it comes to love, Geminis fall fast, and they know they fall fast. They're rightfully not ashamed of it, but this also means that they can fall out of love just as fast if matters begin to go south. This can impact a couple's time in the bedroom.

For a Gemini, giving into creativity is key

Geminis are great in the bedroom because of their natural emotional depths, and they're often most compatible with Virgos, Sagittarians, and Aquarians (via Bustle). They can, however, give any sign a good time. Geminis are so good in the bedroom in part because of their two "faces," which, per Your Tango, gives the illusion of them having two tongues.

Because Geminis are so multifaceted, they can become hot and cold in the bedroom, which is ultimately their biggest obstacle. This can affect not only the sex itself, but also how often they have it. According to Insightful Psychics, how often Geminis have sex typically depends on their partner. If their partner is boring, a Gemini will withhold sex, but if their partner excites them, they'll initiate sex a lot more. Therefore, a Gemini can spice up the bedroom by setting aside their inhibitions and narrowing their focus onto their partner. They need to forget their icy side temporarily and embrace the heat of the bedroom and their partner. Their heart needs to be in the moment.

Geminis are naturally creative in the bedroom, per Your Tango, which means they're open to trying new things with their partner. This can even include trying threesomes. To break out any ruts they find themselves in, Geminis can rely on their innate creativity to pull them out. They simply need to let themselves give into it rather than overthinking. If they can overcome their own mind, the bedroom will be a fiery place for everyone involved.