The Famous Actor You Never Knew Dated Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is practically a household name. The actress has been everybody's favorite TV mom for decades, being featured as a single mother in multiple series including NBC's family-drama "Parenthood" (via IMDb). 

On "Gilmore Girls," Graham plays Lorelai Gilmore, the fast-talking and coffee-loving mom but also best friend to her daughter Rory, who is 16 years her junior (via EW). Graham grew up with a similar relationship to Rory and Lorelai in real life, but with her father, telling Rookie Mag they "had a special kind of friendship" that served as a model for her character on the relatable and quick-witted comedy-drama.

Today, the multi-talented performer has gone on to star in numerous hit shows including "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist," and has also written three books, including a New York Times bestselling memoir "Talking as Fast as I Can" (via Penguin Random House). Over the course of her successful career, Graham has needed to keep up with a busy schedule, to say the least. However, the "Evan Almighty" actress has still managed to find time for romance. Keep reading to find out more about Graham's love life — you'll definitely be surprised by one of the famous figures she's been linked with.

The Gilmore Girls star briefly dated Matthew Perry

Over the years, Lauren Graham has dated a few familiar faces in Hollywood including "The O.C" actor Tate Donovan (via Zimbio). What many people don't know is that the "Parenthood" alum also had a brief relationship with "Friends" star Matthew Perry. Although Graham is known for being fairly private about her personal life, she has admitted to dating Perry on a few occasions, including on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" (via Ellentube). A real-life relationship between Chandler Bing and Lorelai Gilmore? Yes, please!

Alas, the relationship wasn't meant to be, and it looks like it was never serious. In a piece for the Daily Mail, Graham wrote that she views Perry as the man who "became my Friend Who I Almost But Never Exactly Dated." The famous duo are on good terms, though; they co-announced an Emmy Award together in 2010, and Graham went on to star in Perry's sitcom "The Odd Couple," in which she played Perry's ex-wife (via the Daily Mail). 

Since 2010, Graham has been dating her "Parenthood" co-star Peter Krause, who played her brother on the NBC family drama (via US Weekly). Funnily enough, back when Graham was shooting "Gilmore Girls," her on-screen mom, Kelly Bishop, encouraged her to start dating Krause, believing that the two stars "would make the greatest couple," as she told Glamour. Good call, Kelly!