How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're A Pisces

The zodiac is a spinning wheel of truth, but it's more complicated than meets the eye. You have an entire astrological chart that pinpoints every detail about you, but because you're more than just your sun sign — your main sign that's determined by your time and place of birth — it's easy to miscalculate someone when you only know their sun sign. For example, people often get things wrong about Pisces. A Pisces has toxic relationship traits like any other sign, but they're much more than that, though they can get reduced to these traits at times.

According to The Times of India, Pisces are poetic. They're dreamers who are creative but fleeting, inspired but wishy-washy at times. They are, after all, symbolized by a fish, which doubles up with their status as a water sign to showcase just how fluid in life they really are. In fact, because they're dreamers, they're sometimes seduced by life goals and objectives that aren't easily attainable, if at all. This could mean they find themselves chasing something they'll never get. This, too, can apply to their relationships. While focused on their creative endeavors, Pisces also constantly fantasize about romance. They're creative with their approach to love and sex, and they often live in these fantasy realms, which restrain them from pursuing love in the real world.

Still, not all Pisces fall into this trap. Those who can separate their fantasy lands from the real world can find themselves in fulfilling romantic and sexual lives. But even those Pisces need to turn the heat up in the bedroom sometimes — here's how they can.

For Pisces, using your voice will change your sex life

According to Cosmopolitan, Pisces are the best at sex out of every zodiac sign, but that doesn't mean they're without fault. One of Pisces' best traits is their creativity, which no doubt applies to the bedroom. They're typically comfortable experimenting with any position or kink, and they're especially known for being giving in the bedroom (via Bustle). Part of their creative mindset is them constantly calculating how they can best please their partner, so this is perhaps why they're notoriously known as the best sign with which to have sex.

However, a Pisces can hold themselves back. They're not great at expressing themselves in the bedroom. They're creative, but they need to verbalize their wishes. They must let their partner know what they want to try and what is going to please them because they're sure they're already doing their best for their partner.

In addition to learning to be vocal, Pisces can turn up the heat in the bedroom by growing a stronger bond with their partner. Pisces are sensitive, and the stronger the bond, the better the sex will be for both — or all, if more than two — parties are involved (via For this aspect, the work that needs done is actually outside of the bedroom, but it will lead to a more fulfilling time in the bedroom.

Ultimately, part of being vocal for a Pisces is acknowledging that they need to periodically switch things up (via Bustle). Performing the same position all the time will bore them, but no one will know that unless they say so.