The Truth About Yordan Alvarez's Wife, Monica Alvarez

With this year's long and exciting baseball season coming to an end, the World Series is finally upon us. The 2021 competition pits the Atlanta Braves against the Houston Astros for a shot at the highest honor of the MLB (via ESPN). Though the Braves had an impressive National League Championship Series run, the Astros have more season wins under their belt. The latter's successful season can be attributed to the team's incredibly talented players. Yordan Alvarez in particular has been crucial to the Astros' winning record.

The 24-year-old took home the AL Rookie of the Year Award in 2019 and the AL Championship Series MVP award this season (via ABC13). Alvarez also had seven hits over the final two games of the ALCS, while the entire Red Sox team only had five. This made him the first person to ever out hit the opposing team in the final two games of a playoff series. In addition to maintaining an enviable career, Alvarez boasts an incredible family.

Yordan Alvarez's wife is his biggest cheerleader

Though Monica Alvarez keeps her relationship with baseball star Yordan Alvarez fairly private, the beauty occasionally offers a glimpse into their charmed life. Monica's Instagram feed is filled with photos of the pair's two beautiful children. Her earlier posts include shots of her daughter at baseball games, hanging out with her father, and enjoying family trips. In July 2021, Monica revealed a photo of her second child and first son with Jordan. The mother of two posted a close-up of her newborn with the caption, "The Astros new rookie of the year," (via Instagram). In addition to Monica sharing photos honoring her love for Yordan, the AL Championship Series MVP, loves to rave about his wife.

In honor of Monica's birthday in 2019, Yordan shared a selfie of the pair with a sweet caption in Spanish (via Instagram). The birthday message translates to, "Happy birthday, my queen. What a joy to have you in my life and to be able to enjoy your wonderful company. May God fill you with blessings and allow us to celebrate together all the birthdays that lie ahead." 

It's clear that Monica and Yoland share a very strong bond and a deep love for baseball and family.