Why The Crown's New Season Might Make Prince William Very Unhappy

"The Crown" is not only one of Netflix's most expensive series that they've ever produced but also one of the most expensive series anyone has ever produced (via Insider). It's a massive undertaking that brings British royal history into people's living rooms around the world, all in an attempt to make the royal family more accessible to everyday people. They accomplish this by focusing on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, following her journey from the time of her appointment as queen through the decades, extrapolating on the journey that's led her to where she is today. Of course, some of its story lines are dramatized for television, but it's rooted in real world events.

The truth of "The Crown" is that the British royal family may not always love how the series depicts them. Each new season of "The Crown" could leave the royal family fuming. After all, their personal and public lives are on display for the world, which brings us to today when Prince William is particularly unhappy with decisions being made for the next season of "The Crown." Because of his age, William evaded the first several seasons of "The Crown," but the latest season focused on Princess Diana, his mother, meaning the inevitable incorporation of William into the series' story can no longer be delayed.

Season 5 of the royal drama will hit Netflix in November 2022 (via Variety), and despite being over a year away, William is already fuming over recent filming news.

William has had enough of the 'false narrative' created around his mother

Netflix's "The Crown" shows how its characters look in real life, from their personalities to their love languages and their physical appearances. Such is the problem for Prince William, who's now taking issue with filming news from a Season 5 episode slated to premiere late next year. According to The Sun, an entire episode will be dedicated to Princess Diana's infamous 1995 interview with Martin Bashir.

This year, William said that the interview holds "no legitimacy" and that it created a "false narrative." Just like the interview was controversial in real life, it will be paramount in Season 5 of "The Crown," presumably coming early in the season as Netflix revealed that it will be crucial for the season's storyline. Moreover, the streaming giant has funneled millions of dollars into this episode alone.

William wanted his mother's interview with Bashir eternally put to rest and is cross with Netflix for recreating it. According to the BBC, the interview entailed Diana admitting to an extramarital affair, speaking her now-famous line about there being "three of us" in her marriage, and declaring that Charles' team was waging a campaign against her. The interview was a tell-all, and with all of these bombs dropping in an hour long interview, it's clear why Netflix wanted to recreate it.