How To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom If You're A Cancer

When thinking about zodiac signs, there are recognizable traits attributed to each. Capricorns are hard workers, and Virgos are organized. Pisces are intensely creative, and Aquarians are roamers who want to change the world. Likewise, Cancers embody very specific traits. They're homebodies who are very in tune with their emotions and can often become overwhelmed by them (via InStyle). This is why they stay home so much; their emotions can be thrown into turmoil too much if they remain in their comfort zones.

People get things wrong about Cancers, but it is true that being a Cancer could affect your mental health. This is ultimately why Cancers should do a specific self-care routine. Doing so can help them regulate their emotions and thus be able to expand their relationships with the people they care about.

According to InStyle, Cancers are nurturing spirits who spread love everywhere they go, and it's their status as a water sign that lets them feel their emotions so freely. Like water, their emotions flow, and this means that they're great caretakers. They can sense when others need something or when they're upset. While it may be hard to control at times, being able to feel deep emotions is a great trait, and Cancers typically employ it for good. But how does all of this affect their time in the bedroom?

Without a strong bond, Cancers aren't interested in sex

Cancers have the best time in the bedroom with Capricorns, Scorpios, and other Cancers (via Bustle), but their sex lives can be immaculate with any sign. That is to say that Cancers' strong emotions allow them to form bonds easier than other signs do, and this can help them create a safe zone in the bedroom in which everyone experiences as much pleasure as possible. In fact, because of the bonds they forge, Cancers like experimentation in the bedroom, as well as role playing, per Your Tango.

Simultaneously, if they have any doubt about your relationship, Cancers become shy in the bedroom (via AstroReveal). Moreover, because of these bonds, they often pour their time into pleasing their partner, not worrying about their own pleasure. Therefore, if a Cancer wants to turn up the heat in the bedroom, they should consider their own desires, too. If they can vocalize their wants and needs and prioritize them alongside their partner's desires, everyone will leave the bedroom feeling better. After all, Cancers have to remember that it's palpable and noticeable when someone is or isn't having a good time, and their partners will glean even more enjoyment if they know that the Cancer is pleased, too.

At the same time, Cancers can spice up the bedroom simply by strengthening their bonds. They matter to them more than anything, so working on them outside of the bedroom will help their connection inside the bedroom, too.