Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About Cancers

Cancer the Crab, while one of the most delightful signs of the zodiac, kind of starts off under a double cloud. For one thing, being born under the sign of the crab isn't as glamorous as, say, a lion, an archer, or even a bull. For another, having a zodiac sign whose name is synonymous with a deadly disease makes for some really, really depressing Googling when you want to look up stuff about your sign and you forget to include the words "zodiac," "horoscope," or "astrology."


Cancers are also often quite misunderstood. Like their symbolic crustacean, they may present to the world a hard shell. Inside, however, you will find an interior that is surprisingly tender and sweet. You don't need a wooden mallet to crack the Crab, though, Instead, all you need is a little empathy and understanding, and even the crustiest crustacean may come to trust you enough to show you their soft-shelled side.

Cancers are crybabies

Cancer, of all the signs, may be the one who is most in touch with their emotions, and is usually not afraid to show them. Those born under some of the more reserved signs (taciturn Capricorns, buttoned-up Virgos) may feel that display of emotion is unseemly, and there are many who simply feel that any discussion of feelings is taboo.


Well, Cancers don't always let it all hang out. ZodiacFire notes that there are times when Cancers don't feel much like talking, and may even appear to put up a wall (or a shell) behind which they can process those strongly-felt emotions. At those times when they do choose to be open about what they're feeling, though, this isn't because they're weak.

Rather, they are demonstrating the courage to open up, and, in fact you should feel privileged that they trust you enough to do so in your presence. As YourTango explains, that wall/shell defense is something Cancers use when they feel threatened, but they save the touchy-feely, soppy stuff only for their nearest and dearest.

Cancers are just too sensitive

If you are privy to the softer, more emotional side of the Crab, you may be afraid that the deep feelings under those shells mean that Cancers are really fragile and easily damaged if you don't handle them with kid gloves. Yes, Cancers can be quick to take offense and easily hurt, but YourTango brings up the fact that they are actually one of the toughest signs of the zodiac.


Surprised? You shouldn't be. Think of it this way, which one is stronger, a reed or an oak tree? The tree, you'd say, but what happens in a really strong wind? The tree just might blow down, but the reed will bend and then straighten once the wind passes by. Cancers can be like that — they feel strong emotions, they accept them, and they are able to deal with the impact without breaking. Cancers are, in a word, resilient, and they are emotionally strong enough to weather any storm.

Cancers can't make a commitment

Cancers are water signs, which means they are highly intuitive and often "go with the flow." This does not mean, however, that they are wishy-washy. Instead, Astrology Answers feels that this Cancerian fluidity can be a good thing.


Rather than committing themselves to any course of action ahead of time and then having to flake, or else forcing themselves to comply out of a rigid sense of duty, Cancers prefer to keep things open so they can deal with whatever happens as it happens. Sure, they'd be happy to get together with you for coffee, but only if their mom doesn't need a ride to the grocery store.

Yes, it can be frustrating to deal with all of a Cancer's "we'll sees," but at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that when a Cancer does make time for you, this is because you're absolutely that day's No. 1 priority, rather than because they just have nothing better to do.

Cancers are too clingy

Cancers are known for being incredibly loving friends, partners, and parents, but some people just can't deal with no strings-affection and may interpret all that love as being "too smothering." While ZodiacFire does say that Cancers are very protective, they don't tend to carry this over into being possessive.


Astrology Answers explains Cancers' relationship style as being very open emotionally — they want to share their feelings with the ones they love, and they also care deeply about how those loved ones are feeling. They aren't doing this in order to trample over people's boundaries, and they have no interest in controlling others. They just want to make sure that the ones in their inner circle know how valued they truly are.

Even Cancers, however, sometimes require their own personal space, and they will respect your need for a little distance, too. All you need to do is to be upfront about your needs. Cancers, after all, will appreciate the fact that you were willing to share.

Cancers are always crabby

Cancer is a sign ruled by the ever-changing moon, and they, too, are subject to waxing and waning. Well, not physically, but their moods will vary just like the phases of the moon. Sometimes Cancers are laughing and loving and want nothing more than to be surrounded by all of their favorite people. Other times they just want to crawl back into their shells and take a break from all the hubbub.


Refinery29 explains that Cancerian moodiness is a byproduct of their emotional nature. Cancers are one water sign whose feelings are not only deep, but constantly flowing like a river or perhaps ebbing and flowing like the tide. If the Cancer in your life is acting kind of like a "shellfish" or even snapping those claws around, this may be because they may be coping with a fresh influx of feels and they may just need a little time to process everything.