This Is What It Means When You Dream About Falling In Love

To some, dreams are meaningless and stem solely from our brains working overtime in our sleep. To others, dreams carry inherent meaning and should be utilized once you wake up to determine the next steps in your life. Dreaming about someone specific could mean that you need to realize their importance to you, or perhaps you're dreaming about fighting with someone. In that case, you may have quarrels you need to settle. This logic applies to everything from dreams about rainbows to dreams about aliens, and it's time you become more in tune with what your brain is trying to tell you.

According to WebMD, we can experience dreams at any point in the sleep cycle, but the rapid eye movement (REM) stage gives us our most vivid dreams. These are the ones you're most likely to remember, and the ones that feel the most real. They can leave your stomach frizzled and your heart rate elevated, especially if you dream about a special someone. While it's normal for others to be in your dreams and even to dream about someone specific, it may mean something entirely different if you dream about falling in love with someone.

Is the person in your dreams your soulmate?

Dreaming about falling in love may seem like it's only for the hopeless romantic, but these dreams can happen to anyone. According to Best Life, dreaming about falling in love directly relates to the real world and can be a manifestation of the love you're ready to receive. These dreams could mean that you're soon going to encounter the love of your life, in which case the dream is preparing you to receive the love that you deserve.

However, dreaming about falling in love can also be an awakening. If you're in a relationship already, these dreams could mean that you're not receiving the love you deserve. In fact, it could mean that you're being ignored. In this instance, these are alerts that you deserve better or, at the very least, you need to confess to your partner how they're making you feel. There's no shame in trying to find the spark between you that you once felt.

Moreover, if you dream about falling in love with someone specific, it means that you feel strong admiration toward them (via Dreams Meaning). It doesn't inherently mean you'll fall in love with them in real life; however, it means you like their traits and should recognize them in the real world. Instead of banking on that person, consider the traits you like most about them and tailor your real life quest for love around them. They'll lead you to someone who will be your perfect fit.

And if your person just so happens to be the one from your dream(s), then you better snatch them up. Love is one of the most beautiful things on this planet!