The Untold Truth Of Double Shot At Love's Pauly D. DelVecchio

"Double Shot at Love" star Pauly D. DelVecchio became a household name after landing a role on the most-watched show in MTV history, "Jersey Shore." Due to his likeability and easy-going nature on the popular series, DelVecchio, a local DJ in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, was given multiple spinoffs, which furthered his career behind the DJ booth. He's now performing at some of the hottest venues around the world.

When he joined "Jersey Shore," he was the oldest cast member at 29 (via The U.S. Sun), and he quickly captured fans' hearts with his memorable on-screen moments. Known for coining catchphrases that have become part of the vernacular of popular culture (like "Cabs are here" and "Yeah, buddy") and his signature blowout, DelVecchio has definitely earned his place in reality show history as a fan favorite. 

The reality TV veteran is hands down the most successful in his career of any of his "Jersey Shore" roommates. But even with his staggering net worth, mansion in Vegas, and pricey luxury cars, he manages to stay true to himself. In an interview with, he talked about how he continues to remain grounded amidst all the fame. "Everybody thinks that it completely changes you," he said. "I don't think it does ... Now everybody knows me, but I'm still the same person I was when I was just deejaying around [locally]. Now I'm deejaying all over the world."

He's one of the world's highest-paid DJs

When it's time to "beat up the beat," Pauly "Pauly D" DelVecchio doesn't mess around. Due the overwhelming success of "Jersey Shore," his career — which began in his native Rhode Island, spinning at birthday parties, school shows, and bars (via Boston Magazine) — grew at a ridiculous rate. As far back as 2011, the talented reality star was already gushing about the fame he acquired through his stint on the show. "The 'Jersey Shore' and MTV have given me an audience to do that for, so now I'm DJing all over the world at the biggest events in Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, all over the world," he told TV Fanatic.

In 2019, the highly sought-after beat master, who Forbes named the 15th highest-paid DJ in the world, signed a two-year contract to DJ at the famed rooftop pool parties at Drai's Beachclub in Vegas (via Billboard). After that stint, which was chronicled on "Double Shot at Love's" Season 2, DelVecchio relocated to another Sin City hot spot, Marquee Nightclub (via Las Vegas Weekly). He also has a long-term gig at Harrah's Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to Distractify, he brings in a good chunk of change for these events, charging $40,000 to $60,000 per show.

The Providence, Rhode Island native has Italian roots

Pauly DelVecchio arrived on the sands of the Jersey Shore by way of Providence, and calls his hometown "the Jersey Shore of Rhode Island" for its beaches, boardwalks, and popping nightlife. "You can hit four or five clubs all in one night. It's a dope scene," he explained to Boston Magazine. He went on to say that the area is very close-knit and everyone knows one another, with tourists hailing from places like Connecticut, Boston, and New York. "Yeah, we've got some beaches on Rhode Island that are just as crazy as Jersey," he told TV Fanatic

Both Rhode Island and New Jersey are known for their dense populations of Italian-Americans (via Italian-American Studies Association), and DelVecchio, who is of Italian descent, fits right in in both states. When "Jersey Shore" started gaining traction, Italian cultural groups expressed their discontent that their culture was being stereotyped as emphasizing heavy partying. To clear up this misunderstanding, DelVecchio told The Providence Journal, "I don't represent all Italians; I only represent myself." 

Some Italians also felt that the cast's use of the word "guido" could be perceived as ethnic slurs (via BBC), but that didn't stop DelVecchio from lovingly referring to himself as one. Loyal "Jersey Shore" fans can never forget the scene is Season 4 when he and castmate Vinny Guadagnino dressed as "ultimate guidos" in matching "Italia" tracksuits.

Pauly D is known for his hair

Although Pauly DelVecchio is known for his stellar skills in the DJ booth, when it comes to physical attributes, he is famous for his hair. In fact, fans are so intrigued by his perfectly styled 'do that they actually reach out and touch it! "They either yell, 'Cabs are here,' 'T-shirt time,' or they ask to touch my hair," he told People. For the Daily News, DelVecchio revealed his 25-minute mane routine, which includes four key steps: a blowout, product to make it spikey, hairspray, and a final touch-up. To keep his locks looking "fresh to death," he actually goes through one tube of hair gel per month!

In an interview with The Cut, DelVecchio said he's been spiking his hair since he was in Catholic grammar school. Since he had to wear a uniform back then, he explained that it was the only way to show his uniqueness. "On my mother's side, all her brothers and grandfathers have thick Italian hair and no sign of going bald ... God blessed me with this hairline, so I'm not going to let him down." 

And when DelVecchio deviates from his normal hair routine, he makes sure to alert his legion of fans. When he switched things up by going blonde, he revealed the change on Instagram with the caption, "Just Trying To See If [it's] True That Blondes Have More Fun."

He has a major bromance with Vinny Guadagnino

Although he currently has a girlfriend, there have been many long stints where Pauly DelVecchio was single. And during those times, he always had the shoulder of his friend and castmate Vinny Guadagnino to lean on. On "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," the boys went so far as to make it official by participating in a "bromittment" ceremony in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator officiating. In his vows, DelVecchio gushed, "Vinny, ever since the moment you walked into that shore house ... I knew."

Since DelVecchio supports his bud in everything, like being by his side while he got his ears pierced for the first time, it wasn't surprising that the boys wanted to search for soulmates together as well. In 2019, the pair got their own spinoff, "Double Shot at Love," which allowed them to date 20 women — together! "I always wanted to do a dating type show, and then when it came to us with my best friend Vinny as well, I was like, 'I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity that both of us are single,'" he told EW. "There's nobody else I'd rather do it with." And although DelVecchio ultimately found love during Season 2, he came back to help Guadagnino in Season 3 of the series.

The reality star has multiple side hustles

Although DJing is his main gig, Pauly DelVecchio makes time for multiple side hustles in various industries that pad his bank account. To pay homage to his Italian heritage, he launched Pauly D's Italian Subs, a line of sandwiches available for delivery only. "It's a little taste of how I grew up," he told Fox 5. The business was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, and given that the subs are being made in kitchens of existing restaurants and sent via Grubhub, the DJ wanted to help those eateries make extra revenue during the difficult time. 

And because he is such a tanning aficionado, it makes sense that he has his hand in that business as well. The man who puts the "T" in "GTL" has a tanning skincare collection in collaboration with beauty brand Devoted Creations featuring items with names like Bottle Service and Tagged. 

Last, but definitely not least, DelVecchio is connected to another aspect of the beauty market, and, not surprisingly, it involves hair. In 2019, he partnered with Henkel's göt2b hair styling brand to create his own limited-edition products. "I only do things that I organically, genuinely love and obviously hair is such a big part of my life," he told People. "This is the best product that I've been using my entire life, so it only made sense."

Out of all his Jersey Shore costars, he has the highest net worth

Besides putting the "G," "T," and "L" in GTL, Pauly DelVecchio puts the "H" in hustle. As a result of his lucrative career as a DJ and his many side projects, the reality star has become a multimillionaire. Worth an impressive $20 million, he is the richest "Jersey Shore" cast member

Before the show made him a household name, he decided not to attend college and was working at a car dealership upon graduation from high school. And prior to his appearance on the groundbreaking reality show, he was DJing in clubs in Providence and making a few hundred dollars per appearance (via Forbes). For Season 6 of "Jersey Shore," Radar Online reported that DelVecchio earned $150,000 per episode and $1.8 million a season, which does not include his $400,000 signing bonus at the start of the season and $200,000 bonus at the season's end! And as for his "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" salary, DelVecchio rakes in $150,000 per episode (via The Cinemaholic).

In 2019, Forbes reported that DelVecchio was taking home $11.5 million that year just for his DJing alone. In an interview with TV Fanatic, he dished, "I'm proving myself to everyone that I am a talented DJ and I've been doing it my whole life, so when they do book me at these venues, not only are they booking DJ Pauly from the Jersey Shore, they're booking DJ Pauly D."

Pauly D was the first Jersey Shore cast member to get a spinoff

It's safe to say that MTV took notice of Pauly DelVecchio's character, as well as his obvious talents, because he was the first out of the entire "Jersey Shore" gang to be gifted a sequel from the network. Although it only lasted for a season, "The Pauly D Project" definitely assisted in catapulting his career. In an interview with Men's Journal, the reality TV star credits his TV exposure for his overnight success: "Before television I was just a local DJ in Rhode Island, and now, having all this television exposure with MTV and everything ... I'm able to DJ all over the world and that's what I love to do."

In the 2012 series, DelVecchio, along with his crew of friends he met mostly from the Rhode Island nightclub scene (via Us Weekly), shows what his professional life was like after "Shore" ended. Highlights included watching him open for Britney Spears and sign with 50 Cent. In 2011, he joined the pop star on her "Femme Fatale" tour as the opening act for six of her tour dates, which he said worked to "legitimize" his career (via MTV News). She even brought him on stage! And in 2013, DelVecchio released his first single, "Back to Love," through 50 Cent's label, and it, along with his other original songs, earned places on the Billboard charts.

He didn't exactly audition for Jersey Shore

On the inaugural episode of "Jersey Shore," Pauly DelVecchio was the first cast member viewers were introduced to (via MTV), and he didn't waste any time announcing his tagline, "I'm your girl's favorite DJ." Talk about making an entrance! And true fans of the series know that his appearance didn't even require an audition, which is a pretty impressive feat. 

One fateful day, the then-local Rhode Island DJ got a message on MySpace that, unbeknownst to him at time, would quickly change his life. "They said that they liked my look and they were doing a show, and for me to contact them back," he told Although he was dubious at first, he did respond and then got a call from casting directors who ultimately sent a camera crew into his home to capture his typical routine. "They filmed me at the gym, filmed me tanning and filmed me going to the club," he explained. Six months later, he had gotten the gig. 

Although he technically never auditioned, he did film a memorable casting tape that lives on in reality show infamy. In the clip, he spoke about his blowout, how he'd "never cried over a girl," meeting women at clubs, and not having met his soulmate yet. According to his castmates, who watched it with him 10 years later, he "hasn't changed a bit."

He entered a serious relationship because of Double Shot at Love

Since he didn't find his person on Season 1 of "Double Shot at Love," it's a good thing Pauly DelVecchio came back for a second season. Two times was definitely the charm for the celeb DJ, who reunited with his love interest from his first go-around on the MTV dating series, Nikki Hall. The Jamaican-born model fell hard for DelVecchio pretty much since Day 1, and they had some unforgettable moments during her run on the show. On the Season 2 finale, the pair ended up together, but it was only on the reunion episode of "Double Shot" that fans were told that they had stayed together after the season wrapped.

The lovebirds began playing house, cohabitating together during the COVID-19 pandemic. And now that they're official, Hall makes appearances on "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," along with the other cast members' significant others. "It's cool to bring her along because she's friends with my 'Jersey Shore' family as well now, and their family," DelVecchio told People. "It's been a good time, and we're just taking it day by day. We're happy."

Of course, now that enough time has passed in their relationship timeline, fans want to know if wedding bells are in their future. To that question, which Hall says she gets "daily," she's responded, "How would I know the answer to that?" (via Screen Rant). 

His Vegas home set him back $2 million and has its own tanning bed

After his career blew up and Pauly DelVecchio started booking serious gigs in Las Vegas, it made sense that the DJ made the move to Sin City. The not-so-humble abode he purchased set him back a whopping $2 million and has seven bedrooms and seven full bathrooms (via The Sun). It should come as no surprise that he has a tanning bed inside. And on Facebook, the clotheshorse gave us a glimpse into his closet, and let's just say he has enough black "shirt before the shirts" to last him quite a while.

Other amenities on the sprawling property include an outdoor pool with a waterfall, a spa, a basketball hoop, and retro arcade games. As for his garage, it's filled with luxury cars like a Lamborghini and a Bentley (via Daily Mail). 

Fans got a glimpse of his swanky digs during the reunion episode of "Double Shot," during which DelVecchio revealed that he was very much still with Nikki Hall. The couple sat side by side in the former bachelor pad where the pair was quarantining together. The time they spent together in the mansion, which is a far cry from the shore house that DelVecchio shared with his castmates, solidified their relationship. "It's a real test on a relationship when you're in one place with somebody," Hall said

Pauly D is a proud dad

Although he keeps this part of his life pretty quiet, Pauly DelVecchio is the father to a young daughter. When the story first broke in 2013, he told TMZ, "I'm proud I'm a father. I am excited to embark on this new part of my life." The baby's mother is a New Jersey native who met the famed DJ while he was spinning at a pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas back in 2012 (via TMZ). 

When the baby news was made public, his daughter, Amabella Sophia, was already a few months old. Her mom was later named as Amanda Markert, a Hooters waitress who had a fling with DelVecchio after she got on stage and drizzled champagne over the crowd! The co-parents did establish that the "Jersey Shore" alum was the dad through a DNA test, and DelVecchio tried to gain full custody (via Us Weeky), saying at the time, "I want to give the baby the best life she ever had" (via TMZ).

In 2020, the proud dad gushed about his then-7-year-old mini-me to In Touch, saying, "She's like me, she's a little prank war champion. ... She makes me laugh." He went on to explain that the daddy-daughter duo loves to play video games at his at-home arcade, and even when they cannot be together, like during the COVID-19 pandemic, they, thankfully, can bond over FaceTime. 

He dated singer Aubrey O'Day after meeting on a reality TV show

"Double Shot at Love" wasn't the first reality show through which Pauly DelVecchio found love. On the set of the 2016 series "Famously Single," where unattached celebrities lived in a house together, he coupled up with singer Aubrey O'Day. The songstress is a member of the girl group Danity Kane, which coincidentally was also made famous by an MTV show! The pair, who shared an on-and-off again relationship, left the show together and cohabitated in DelVecchio's Vegas home, where he expressed his discontent with her messiness (via Us Weekly). The pair even filmed a second show together, "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," to work out their issues, but by the time it aired, they had already split.

When they called it quits in the summer of 2017, it was reported that the "Jersey Shore" alum ended things because O'Day was pressuring him to propose and he wasn't ready. After the breakup, O'Day told Us Weekly she felt "tortured," and when the magazine interviewed DelVecchio, he clapped back, saying, "No one really believes her," since TV viewers were able to see the tumultuous partnership for themselves.

This was the first "real" relationship for the reality star, and he revealed to E! News that he learned a lot from the experience. When asked about the possibility of a reconciliation, he said, "Great girl, but we just didn't work out ... some people aren't right for each other" (via Entertainment Tonight). 

The Double Shot at Love star has gotten flirty with JWoww

When they were just fledgling reality stars navigating life and love down the "Jersey Shore," Pauly DelVecchio and Jenni "JWoww" Farley shared immediate chemistry. And although Farley had a boyfriend back home in Season 1, they spent an intimate night together after hooking up on the dance floor. Fast-forward to close to a decade later, there was still a spark between the two. 

"We're always attracted to each other, but she was always in a serious relationship," DelVecchio said on "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation." In 2020, on that spinoff series, the pair was back to flirting while they were out at costar's Angelina Pivarnick's bachelorette party in New Orleans. Being that they were both single at the time of filming, the roommates, who named them "PWoww," thought it was a strong possibility they'd reunite. 

However, to their castmates and legion of fans' disappointment, DelVecchio didn't make a move, even though they were lying in bed together. "I have too much respect for her," he said on the show (via People). He told his roommates that he wanted to go further but was unsure of her relationship status, since she had recently broken off things with her now-fiancé Zack Clayton Carpinello (via People).