Inside Jason Sudeikis' Relationship With Hannah Waddingham Off-Screen

Apple TV's "Ted Lasso" became an overnight sensation after the first season premiered in 2020 (via IMDb). The wholesome television show centers on the titular character, played by Jason Sudeikis, as he travels to England to manage a Premier League soccer team. 

What ensues is a sweet and hilarious adventure, and it was the perfect show to binge-watch during lockdown when we needed a pick-me-up. Plus, the cast members of "Ted Lasso" are as close off-screen as they are on-screen, which makes the viewing experience even more enjoyable.

When the cast appeared at the 2021 Emmys with 20 collective nominations, they celebrated joyfully with one another when Brett Goldstein, Hannah Waddingham, and Sudeikis won their respective awards (via Emmys). 

Waddingham delivered an emotional speech when she won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, where she praised Sudeikis and credited the "Saturday Night Live" actor with changing her life (via ET). Sudeikis looked visibly moved when the camera panned to him in the audience, and the interaction prompted "Ted Lasso" fans to discuss the nature of their off-screen relationship (via YouTube).

Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham share a close bond and a mutual respect for one another, which makes their friendship just as memorable as the bond shared by their on-screen counterparts.

Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham are close friends

One of the most enjoyable aspects of "Ted Lasso" is the dynamic between Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham. Sudeikis plays Coach Ted, who manages AFC Richmond, a Premier League soccer team owned by Waddingham's character, Rebecca Welton (via IMDb). Though Rebecca's motives are questionable at first, the friendship that develops between her and Ted throughout the show is a joy to witness. 

The sentiment becomes even sweeter when Waddingham and Sudeikis discuss how close they are off-screen as well. The two interviewed each other for The Hollywood Reporter, and the conversation that ensued gave fans a glimpse into their camaraderie. 

When Waddingham won the Outstanding Supporting Actress award at the 2021 Emmys, she tearfully thanked Sudeikis and said (via YouTube), "Jason, you changed my life with this," before adding, "I'm so privileged to work with you!" This was one of the most public displays of affection the pair engaged in, but Sudeikis and Waddingham have been close since they began filming the first season of "Ted Lasso."

Speaking with People in 2021, Waddingham said: "Imagine playing Rebecca, where I'm meant to be this stoic ice queen. Imagine doing scenes when Jason has got the cheeky little pixie going on in his eyes."

It seems like the pair know how to have fun on set, and we can picture them having their own Biscuits with the Boss moments before they film their scenes.