Drugstore Beauty Products That Are Identical To The Brand Name

There are plenty of people who would say that going to Sephora and blowing hundreds of dollars on makeup is among their favorite pastimes. However, unless you're raking in the big bucks, your participation in that particular pastime is likely limited to just a few times a year (if you're lucky). Thankfully for all of us, drugstores exist! 

Beauty products found on the shelves of drugstores across the country are not only inexpensive (thank you, $7 lipsticks!) but some are nearly identical to their brand-name counterparts. If you're always on the hunt for a good dupe and have been wondering which drugstore items you should pick up ASAP, then you've come to the right place.

Not only will these dupes save you money, but they'll also allow you to experiment without experiencing buyer's remorse. Keep reading to find out which items are of the same quality as your favorite high-end makeup brands

L'Oréal is basically a cheaper YSL

The first brand you should be scouring the drugstore shelves for is L'Oréal, according to Ranker. The French company, which was founded in 1909, is much more than your typical makeup brand — it's a giant conglomerate that now owns the high-end brand YSL Beaute (via L'Oréal). According to WWD, L'Oréal acquired the beauty brand in 2008 for $1.8 billion and has distributed it ever since. 

What does this mean for you? Well, apparently, L'Oréal doesn't discriminate when it comes to the manufacturing process of its namesake brand and YSL. One item that's a particularly solid dupe is the L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Gloss. It's quite similar to YSL's Rouge Pur Glossy Stain, in that the two products both provide long-lasting shine and texture. They're even packaged and marketed similarly. The biggest difference, though, is that one goes for about $4, and the other goes for $38, per Ranker. We'll let you decide which one you prefer.

Pick up Maybelline or NYX instead of MAC

MAC Cosmetics, which was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada, is considered to be one of the leading brands for professional makeup artists (via MAC). The company is known for its flirty and fun makeup, producing items that often feature bold color schemes. However, it's also known for its hefty price tags as well as some controversy surrounding allegations that the company tests on animals, per College Fashion

So if you're put off either by the prices or the fact that the company might not be 100% cruelty-free, then here are some cheaper, ethically-produced alternatives. Instead of the MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation ($35), which is a high coverage foundation that helps create an airbrushed matte finish, try the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation ($6.89). The Maybelline dupe lasts just as long while providing a shine-free finish, according to College Fashion. 

Some of MAC's most iconic products are its lipsticks, which come in seemingly endless shades. One of the brand's most famous lipsticks is the MAC Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo, which goes for $19 at Nordstrom. While that's not the highest price out there for lipstick, some customers have found the product to be drying on the lips. A great alternative is the NYX Full Throttle Lipstick ($7.99), which features a bullet-shaped top for precise application and a more moisturizing formula, according to Ranker

Instead of Glossier, try e.l.f. Cosmetics

Glossier is one of the newer makeup brands that quickly rose in popularity, in large part due to social media. It's also considered a "unicorn" company after being valued at $1.2 Billion in 2019, via The Cut. As Refinery29 notes, the brand is revered for its minimalist products. However, they don't always come cheap. One of Glossier's best-selling products is the Boy Brow, which is meant to groom and fluff brows and is priced at $16 for just a 0.11 oz size tube. 

If you don't feel like paying that much, then e.l.f. Cosmetics — an American brand founded in 2004 with the mission of making "quality products at get-real prices," per the company's website – has a suitable alternative. According to Buzzfeed,  e.l.f.'s Wow Brow Gel is an excellent dupe that's just $4 at Target. The reviews for Wow Brow Gel claim that the product is very successful at keeping your brows fluffy and full all day, while still allowing for a natural look (via e.l.f.). Another bonus for el.f. is that its products are free from parabens, phthalates, and other toxins, which makes the product even more of a steal. 

Why dish out the cash when you can use one of these nearly identical drugstore beauty products instead?