What Does The Magician Card Mean In Tarot?

The year of the COVID-19 lockdowns was an extremely challenging one, so it's not surprising that many found solace in religion, per American Psychology Association. However, for many members of Gen-Z, hope and faith looked different. The newest generation often chooses spirituality over religion (via Pacific Standard), with practices in astrology, new moon cycles, and crystals becoming their go-tos. Tarot has also emerged as one of the more popular forms of alternative healing.

Tarot card readings involve a person, known as a "reader," "reading" a specific deck of cards that can reveal a lot about your inner subconscious. 14.2 billion people intently watch tarot card readings on TikTok, where tarot readers find you through your FYP. On YouTube, the tarot hashtag has 1.4 million videos and 31,000 individual channels, where readers post "Pick a Card" videos, answer questions about love and life, or combine astrology in their tarot readings. Tarot cards (and tarot readers) don't inherently make predictions, but they do guide you to access your own intuition, according to Biddy Tarot. Every card in the 78-card deck has a distinct meaning that will further your understanding of yourself.

A significant one is the Magician card, a card that can help you understand the power of manifestation in yourself.

The Magician Tarot card could mean new beginnings

A tarot deck is usually divided into two groups: the major and minor arcanas. The major arcana cards represent life lessons and bigger themes in your life while the minor arcana cards point to day-to-day happenings, per Biddy Tarot. The Magician card is a major arcana card and it usually signifies new beginnings, manifestation, and power, the outlet notes. Every color and object on the card represents something specific, like the four symbols on the table, which stand for the elements of earth, water, air, and fire.

When the card appears upright in a reading, it can mean that you should probably go ahead and create an action plan for whatever you were wishing for, according to A Little Spark of Joy. That could mean that you're going to launch something new in your career, find a new love interest, or just that you're feeling inspired in general. If the card falls out in reverse, however, it could mean that you're not seeing progress like you hoped, or that you're more unfocused than usual. In love, the site explains, it could also represent someone who's manipulating you — and this card could be a warning for you. 

Overall, The Magician is a positive card if it's upright, and only serves to guide you if it comes out in reverse. And there's no doubt that it's definitely one you'd want to see if you're hoping for a change in your life. Just look to the other tarot cards in the spread as well to help you see its context.