Can This $5 Bar Soap Really Treat Acne And Rosacea?

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For many rosacea and acne sufferers, finding the perfect skincare routine combination is no easy task. After all, these conditions can make the skin more prone to irritation and can easily get thrown off balance with the wrong products thrown into the mix. 

According to recent studies, an estimated 16 million and 50 million Americans suffer from rosacea and acne, respectively (via The American Academy of Dermatology Association). But even though there are a wide array of pricey products available on the market, the solution may be more budget-friendly than you think. Surprisingly, something as simple as a bar of soap can make all the difference in calming down flare-ups. And while it might sound counterintuitive to reach for a bar of soap (since they have a bad rap for being overly drying), today's bar soaps have come a long way, with promising ingredients.

Whether you're a skincare junkie or are just about ready to throw in the towel on trying yet another product, this unexpected bar of soap could be the answer you've been looking for.

Despite the smell, dermatologists rave about sulfur as a key ingredient for sensitive skin

If you've ever found yourself falling down the TikTok beauty rabbit hole, you may have come across skincare videos with life-changing advice from accounts like @SkinByDrAzi. One video posted by the dermatologist explains that rosacea and acne may experience relief with sulfur soap. Specifically, the video explains that Grisi 10% Sulfur Soap with Lanolin can also help with other skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis and peri-oral dermatitis. And the best part is that the soap costs less than $5.

Although sulfur-based products have an unpleasant smell, those with rosacea and acne can rejoice because "sulfur is well-known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties," dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo explained in an interview with Allure. "When used in skin care, sulfur works to absorb excess oil that causes acne by drying out the surface of the skin and unclogging pores." Plus, it also works to suck up oil on the skin, free up pores, and clear up breakouts while being less harsh than other acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide (via Healthline). While it's important to consult with a medical provider before starting a new skincare routine, it's nice to know that there isn't much to lose when it comes to adding sulfur to your regimen at such an affordable price.