What Do Jimmy Fallon And Jimmy Kimmel Think Of Each Other?

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Their names and even their careers can seem interchangeable, and, sometimes, people can't even tell them apart. After all, they both host daily late-night talk shows where they comment on the news of the day and welcome celebrities for hilarious conversations. Plus, they both have brown eyes and brown hair.

Kimmel has hosted "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC since 2003 (via Biography), while Fallon has hosted "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" on NBC since 2013. Before that, he started hosting "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on NBC in 2008 (via Biography). The two Jimmys have been late-night staples for years, and even they admit that it's hard to tell them apart.

In fact, sometimes, their guests can't tell them apart, either. In 2017, actress Emma Watson appeared on "The Tonight Show" (via YouTube) and recalled the first time she was on the show — and mistook Fallon for Kimmel. While Watson was quite embarrassed, Fallon was kind enough to excuse the mistake because it was the first time they met. 

But what do these two late-night TV kings think of each other — and how do they help others tell them apart?

Jimmy Kimmel has only one problem with Jimmy Fallon

As far back as 2014, Jimmy Kimmel had to admit that the multiple-Jimmy phenomenon had been an issue for him before he and Jimmy Fallon even had big careers. 

"I worked in a station once where there were two other disc jockeys named Jimmy," he told Esquire. "So I became Chris Kimmel. I didn't hate it. Then I was Jimmy again. Chris Kimmel. I'd still answer to it. But in the end, I'm a Jimmy."

He then went on to give his assessment of Fallon. "My only complaint about Jimmy Fallon is the first name: Jimmy," Kimmel said. "People get us mixed up all the time. No one remembers which Jimmy is which. Or they think I'm him, which can only make you feel like you should be him." 

He added: "He's like an athlete out there. He can jump high, act, sing. He's a true performer. I'm a broadcaster. That's how I come at this. Not a stand-up, not an actor, not a commentator. A broadcaster."

The Jimmys give America a primer on who they are

In 2019, both Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon decided it was time that the world knew how to tell them apart. When Kimmel was filming his show on location in Brooklyn, he wasn't far from Fallon's Manhattan studio at NBC's 30 Rockefeller Plaza, so the two hosts got together to finally clear a few things up, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"People frequently confuse me with someone else, another person, a person who isn't me," said Kimmel. "As a public service to me and to the other person, I got in touch with him and we made a video together that will hopefully clear this little headache up once and for all."

In the video (via YouTube), the two Jimmys wear matching sweaters (with their names on the front for identification), and, as they try to explain their differences, they realize how similar they are. Both men were born in Brooklyn, love the same cereals, eat the same odd breakfast (oatmeal with baby carrots on top), love pizza for lunch, and wore pizza-emblazoned underwear for the video.

While tongue-in-cheek, both Jimmys showed that they have mutual respect for one another — and that it can be easy to get them confused.