The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Every Day If You're In A Relationship

As anyone who has every been in a relationship knows, there's a whole lot of relationship advice out there. With friends, family, and social media giving you advice on what to do in your relationship, sometimes it's best to just ignore it. Unless, of course, it's a relationship guru that's giving you the free advice. According to British life coach Matthew Hussey on TikTok, there is one question you should ask yourself every single day if you're in a relationship.

This is anything but cheesy advice, my friends. When you hear this question, you won't be able to not hear it in your head at least once a day. Hussey gives a lot of relationship advice via TikTok, but this tip might be the best relationship advice of his hundreds of videos.

It's a simple question, according to Hussey on TikTok. It's a question that not only adds empathy into your life, which is proven to make a relationship stronger, but brings the couple together as well (via Psychology Today). 

Here's the big question: what's one thing I can do to add value to my partners' life today?

There is one catch when it comes to the advice though. Here's exactly what Hussey means when it comes to his advice.

How to answer Matthew Hussey's number one relationship question

When Matthew Hussey went on "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" and shared his Earth-shattering question, he has some specific instructions for how to make the question go further. 

According to the life coach's TikTok, you can't just answer the question the way that you would want it answered. Instead, you need to really put yourself into your partner's shoes. "We should never stop trying to add values to our partners' lives. I really think that we should wake up every day and ask ourselves a simple question — 'What's one thing I can do to add value to my partners' life today?'", he says, "And not from the point of view of what will that value from your point of reference, but what will do it for them."

That's the whole point of empathy — to imagine what someone else could want from you. The University of California, Berkley explains empathy as "the ability to sense other people's emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling." If you can do this in a relationship and keep doing it each day, then you have the foundation of a long-lasting relationship, Hussey suggests.

Empathy is the secret to a happy relationship

Matthew Hussey get millions of views on each of his videos simply by giving relationship advice on TikTok. But the simple question of 'what's one thing I can do to add value to my partners' life today?' could just be the most life-changing when it comes to your relationship. According to Psychology Today, when you empathize, it creates sustainable happiness in a relationship. When you step back and think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense.

Your relationship has more than one person in it. If you're only thinking about your needs, then someone is being left out. That's why thinking about your partners' needs is important. Of course, it's not easy to do this at every moment of the day, but asking yourself Hussey's golden question daily can really help to improve your relationship.

Considering that Hussey charges over $10,000 for an hour of relationship advice, you might as well soak up all the free information that you can (via The Sun). While this question won't magically save your relationship, putting in the hard work and building empathy in yourself is a great start.