What You Didn't Know A Bar Of Soap Could Be Used For

You can date soap back to the ancient Babylonians, as archeologists discovered material resembling soap bars in clay cyclinders from as early as 2800 B.C. (via Cleaning Institute). Interestingly, the soaps were used to clean dirt from cloth coverings rather than from the body, as hygiene was not something of importance then (per Launch My Beauty Products). Through the years, there have been variations in the soap making process, from hot soap to cold-press soap, and typically the ingredients used include fatty acids, like oils, butters, or animal fats, as well as sodium hydroxide, or lye (Soap History). The Cleaning Institute shares that around the 17th century, bathing became more popular, as did soap. it was even heavily taxed for some time, deeming it a luxury item. 

Presently, we use soap for many things from showering, shampooing, laundry, and dish washing, but did you know soap bars can be used for much more? Even if you have made the switch from bar soap to body wash, there are some good reasons to keep a bar of soap in the house, and some of them may pleasantly surprise you. 

Use bar soap for sticky situations

Have you ever fell victim to a sliding door that just refused to slide? The Spruce explains that using a bar soap along drawer rails or in the door tracks can make them glide easy once again. The same goes for stuck zippers. DIY Natural says to gently rub a bit of dry bar soap on the stuck zipper to get it opening and closing with ease.

According to DIY Natural, bars of soap make inexpensive and wonderful fresheners. Pick a scent you love, although preferably not too overpowering, and use them in closets, shoes, and suitcases to keep away musty odors. You can also use the bar soaps to freshen up dresser drawers and cars but wrap them in a paper towel or wash cloth first (via The Spruce). 

The Spruce shares that you can also use bar soap as spackle ... kind of. Fill in small holes by picking a color of bar soap that closely matches the damaged wall color and rubbing it over the hole until it's filled. Although it's a temporary fix, it can help in a pinch.

Bar soap can be used for alternate hygiene purposes

Keep a bar of soap handy if you run out of shaving cream. Yes, using a well lathering bar of soap can take the place of your shaving cream, and companies like Dove are even making three-in-one soap bars claiming to be great for face cleansing, body washing, and a smooth shave.

One Good Thing By Jillee explains that bar soap is the perfect nail cleaner. By scraping your fingernails along a bar of soap before doing yard work, or any dirty work, the soap will act as a barrier between your nails and the dirt. After your work is finished, scrub the soap out while washing your hands and voila, your nails will be nice and clean!

The bottom line — the next time you stay in a hotel, grab those travel-sized soap bars, because you never know when they may come in handy at home!