Whatever Happened To The Cast Of What I Like About You?

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Attention, early 2000s kids: If you have ever wondered what happened to the cast of the American television sitcom "What I Like About You," then you should definitely keep reading. It's 15 years since the beloved series, created by Wil Calhoun and Dan Schneider, wrapped up, and the actors have all gone on to do different passion projects.

"What I Like About You" ran for four seasons from September 2002 to March 2006, and it followed the life of Holly Tyler (played by Amanda Bynes), who moves in with her responsible older sister, Val Tyler (played by Jennie Garth), when their father moves to Japan for work. The two sisters live together in the Big Apple, so, naturally, the series deals with family, friendship, romantic relationship issues, and life in New York City. If you are in need of a classic 2000s throwback to binge-watch, this show is definitely what you've been looking for.

After the series ended, the actors who brought this classic comedy to life continued to shine in showbiz with their future roles. Some went on to film television series like "American Horror Story" and "BH90210" and others dabbled in writing and hosting paranormal activity podcasts (yup, you heard that right). Whichever way the wind blew the cast after the finale, fans are wondering just what they're up to now — so sit back, relax, and keep scrolling for the latest achievements of the cast of "What I Like About You."

Amanda Bynes is engaged to fiancé Paul Michael and still seeking treatment

After finding stardom at an early age with "The Amanda Show" and "What I Like About You," Amanda Bynes went on to later star in chick flicks we all know and love. She is known for her roles in "Hairspray," "She's the Man," and "What a Girl Wants." Her last acting project was "Easy A," which premiered in 2010, per IMDb, and she has since quit acting. She has reportedly struggled with drug addiction and was diagnosed as bipolar and manic depressive, E! News reported in 2014. During an interview with Paper in 2018, Bynes opened up about her struggle with substance abuse, claiming she was sober for four years. However, in March 2019, People reported that she checked into a mental health facility for treatment after a relapse.

Elsewhere in her life, Bynes graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in June 2019 (via USA Today), and in February 2020, she announced that she was engaged to "love of [her] life" Paul Michael, whom she met in an Alcohol Anonymous meeting (via The Blast). 

Notably, Bynes was ordered to check into a psychiatric facility in March 2020 after a meeting about her conservatorship case, per The Blast. Bynes' mother has been the "All That" star's conservator since 2013, so there is no confirmation when we will hear wedding bells officially ring for Bynes and Michael. According to TMZ, the next hearing to discuss the status of her conservatorship is on March 8, 2023.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

Jennie Garth continued to act and started a family

In the hit comedy "What I Like About You," Jennie Garth was known for playing the responsible older sister, Valerie, who always had high expectations for her younger sister, Holly. Since then, Garth has gone on to continue acting in several television series, such as "90210," "Mystery Girls" and "The Mick," as well as the TV movie "Accidentally in Love" (via IMDb). Garth also starred in and co-created the reboot "BH90210" with Tori Spelling, but the show was canceled after one season in November 2020.

In her personal life, she had three daughters with her ex-husband Peter Facinelli and is now married to actor Dave Abrams since July 2015. The couple later filed for divorce in April 2018 after less than three years together, but eventually reconciled their relationship and dismissed the divorce petition by February 2019. In an interview with People, Garth discussed what it was like to reconnect with her husband after a 10-month separation. "We both had separate learning to do, and then coming back and sharing that growth was kind of the fiber that connected us back together like, 'I see you differently now.'"

Nick Zano landed a role on DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Nick Zano — known for playing Vince, the dreamy bike messenger and Holly's love interest — has landed multiple TV series since the sitcom wrapped up. Zano went on to film "2 Broke Girls," "90210," and "Arrow," according to IMDb. He also landed a role in "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" alongside Matt Ryan, Tala Ashe, and Jes Macallan. The series hit its 100th episode in October 2021, as noted by Deadline, which coincidentally, has been a dream of Zano's as an actor. In an interview with ComicBook, Zano discussed how it has always been on his bucket list to hit 100 episodes of a series. "When I first negotiated this deal with Peter Roth at Warner Bros., we did it directly. He was like, 'I need a 100 episodes of this,'" he recalled. "I was like, 'Well, that's funny because I always wanted to do a 100 episodes of something.' To his credit, he retired this year, but we will do 100 episodes."

Outside of the spotlight, Zano has been in a committed relationship with Canadian actress Leah Renee Cudmore. The two welcomed their first child, a boy, in 2016 and announced the surprise on Instagram. The couple also welcomed a second baby, a daughter, in August 2018.

Leslie Grossman made a name for herself with American Horror Story

Leslie Grossman has gone on to find success in the entertainment industry after "What I Like About You." She's starred in "The Good Place," "The Goldbergs," "Fuller House," and "Love, Victor," per IMDb. Grossman has also been an integral part of the "American Horror Story" cast since 2017. In an interview with E! News in September 2021, Grossman discussed her role as Ursula for Season 10 of "American Horror Story: Double Feature" and how much fun she had playing the character. "The words that I got to say, were just so insane, and mean, and direct. And I think she speaks in a way that all of us wish we could just talk to people, and not care and not be burdened by a conscience," said Grossman.

The "AHS" star adopted her daughter, Goldie, with ex-husband Jon Bronson (he filed for divorce in 2020 after almost two decades together, according to TMZ). In an interview with Drew Barrymore on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in October 2021, Grossman talked about being adopted and what it was like to adopt her daughter: "I know it from both sides and, to me, it's been the most magical, incredible, life-affirming experience. I don't know how I could love my daughter anymore than I do. I couldn't, and I don't know how I could love my parents anymore than I do."

Wesley Jonathan became a family man

Appearing in all four seasons of the show, Wesley Jonathan portrayed Holly's cool, witty, and best advice-giving friend Gary Thorpe on "What I Like About You." According to IMDb, Jonathan continued acting after the hit 2000s series and starred in "Monogamy," "The Soul Man," "Almost Home," and "The LeBrons." In an exclusive interview with XO Necole, Jonathan discussed Black love and whether or not monogamy in a relationship is actually possible. "I feel monogamy is possible. It is natural? Yeah," he said. "But it's also natural to look at someone and say they're attractive ... our imperfect impulses have us looking at others, and that's being greedy and not having any self-control and losing the value in what you have."

Jonathan married Tamara Mitchell in 2016, and they have a daughter named Faye (via Essence). It is safe to say that he is the cutest girl dad and shares such a special relationship with his daughter. Just look at this sweet video of him having a sweet father-daughter moment while doing her hair!

Michael McMillian started writing and hosting a spooky podcast

Michael McMillian — otherwise known as Henry Gibson, Holly's first love and first boyfriend in the series — has been quite busy since the show ended. You may have recognized the man behind the insightful, intelligent, and a bit socially awkward character on "What I Like About You" in "True Blood," "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," "Silicon Valley," "Shameless," and "Hot in Cleveland" (via IMDb). In 2010, he appeared alongside Hilary Duff in the film "Beauty & the Briefcase," and he was seen in the 2021 Netflix comedy "Good on Paper."

Not only has he been found in several hit television series, but he has also dabbled in writing and podcast producing. He released the 2013 book "True Blood: A Field Guide to Vampires: (And Other Creatures of Satan)" and 2014's "Lucid." Additionally, he co-wrote the "True Blood" comic book series. McMillian is the co-host of the paranormal activity comedy podcast "Bigfoot Collectors Club," alongside Bryce Johnson, which was announced in December 2017. The podcast features celebrity guests and some seriously spooky stories. If you want to take a listen, it is available on Apple Podcasts.

Simon Rex had a career-defining moment with his role in Red Rocket

In "What I Like About You," Simon Rex played Jeff Campbell, Val's first boyfriend in the series who later manages the beloved B-91 restaurant that the gang regularly hung out in. Since the show ended, Rex starred in "Scary Movie 3," "Scary Movie 4," Scary Movie V," "Superhero Movie," "NCIS," and "Typical Rick," according to his IMDb. The MTV VJ is well known as rapper Dirt Nasty and has contributed to multiple soundtracks in films like "21 Jump Street," "The Hangover," and "The Rebound." Not only does he make music and act, but he also hosts his own podcast, "Nervous Rex," where he talks about all things showbiz and working in the entertainment industry.

Rex starred in Sean Baker's critically acclaimed feature "Red Rocket," which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, winning the Critics Award and Jury Prize award. It is set to debut on December 3, 2021, according to Deadline. For the role, Rex has also been nominated for a Gotham Award in the category of Outstanding Lead Performance and took home the Spotlight Award for his role. 

According to Deadline, Rex is set to star in FilmNation Entertainment's feature "Down Low," alongside Zachary Quinto, Lukas Gage, and Judith Light.

Allison Munn became active in politics

Allison Munn — who played Tina Haven, the outspoken best friend of Holly on "What I Like About You" — has moved on to play several other iconic roles since the series wrapped up. According to her IMDb page, she's starred in "One Tree Hill," "The Big Show Show," "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn," and "That '70s Show" (on which she hilariously played Caroline, Fez's obsessive girlfriend).

Outside of acting, Munn frequently advocates for the non-profit organization Rock the Vote and encourages young people to register to vote and stay politically active. In an interview with Jejune Magazine in April 2020, Munn said of her work with Rock the Vote, "I started working with Rock the Vote about 15 years ago. I love their messaging, their youth outreach and the fact that they're non-partisan."

In her personal life, she married childhood friend Scott Holroyd, who also was on "One Tree Hill," in November 2007 (via People) and had a traditional Southern wedding. They now have two children, and the family is seen on social media spending a lot of time together. They go on hikes, dress up for holidays, and spend time with their family dog

Dan Cortese shared his experience working in Hollywood by publishing a book

Val Tyler's boss at the PR firm, Vic Meladeo was a recurring character from 2005 to 2006 during the fourth and final season and was played by Dan Cortese. Since his last role in the show "Changing Seasons" in 2015, MTV star Cortese has gone on to film the 2021 series "Leverage: Redemption." He has also been seen in "Surviving Suburbia," "Hot in Cleveland," and "Castle" (via IMDb). In 2013, he hosted "Guinness World Records Unleashed," which sounds like so much fun. The series features contestants attempting to make history by breaking some of the most challenging world records.

Aside from his acting credentials, Cortese wrote his first book, "Step Off!," about his life and perspective on Hollywood. In July 2020, Cortese was interviewed by KTLA 5 Morning News, and he took a look back at his career and his new book. "I took this journey and I tried to make it relatable to people that would read it, and it's basically about where I come from, what I do for a living ... and also being a father. It kind of takes a spiritual arch towards the end of it," he said, adding, "It took me places I didn't expect to go and I'm really pleased with the outcome of it."

David de Lautour continues to work in the entertainment industry

For most of the third season of "What I Like About You," Ben Sheffield, played by actor David de Lautour, was Holly's British boyfriend. They met while she was spending her summer in Paris. Let's be real — is there anything more romantic than that? Since this role, de Lautour has appeared in "NCIS," "Shortland Street," "Wentworth," "Hart of Dixie," and New Zealand-based comedy "Westside" (per IMDb).

In December 2017, he married filmmaker Hannah Marshall (they had a surprise wedding!) and they have a daughter, Goldie. In an interview with Stuff in October 2020, the couple discussed how they originally met and what it is like working together on set. "Working together is something we work at. It's definitely a process, and not even one that's finished now — exactly like a relationship, you have to keep working on it to make it the best thing it can be," said de Lautour.