Marriage Or Mortgage Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

When it comes to reality TV shows, there are two types of programming that dominate ratings: shows based around love and marriage and shows based around renovating or finding a dream home. According to Parade, shows like "Married at First Sight" and "Million Dollar Listing" both rank high on their list of the 30 best reality TV shows ever.

Netflix took a chance and decided to blend the two concepts together, creating "Marriage or Mortgage." The show features a wedding planner and a real estate agent who try to win over couples who have the budget for either their dream wedding or the perfect place to call home (via Wired). While the decisions that surround the show might seem like a no-brainer for most of us at home (like, come on, buy a house!), the decision is always a tough one for the show's participants, leaving us yelling at our TVs regarding their decisions more often than not.

The show's 1st season was well-received, leaving fans wondering when the 2nd season of their favorite show will air.

When does the second season debut?

While "Marriage or Mortgage" left fans wanting more, there is no news regarding the state of a 2nd season. The show had fans tweeting things like, "I've been watching 'Marriage or Mortgage' for hours and I have never felt so much joy and anger simultaneously," and "Audibly gasping while watching 'Marriage or Mortgage'" (via Newsweek).

The show's 1st season, which aired in March, had fans engaged. However, no one out there is more hopeful for the show's return than the relator and wedding planner behind the magic. Nichole Holmes, the realtor, and Sarah Miller, the wedding planner, loved working on the show.

In an interview with PureWow, Holmes commented on the possibility of a 2nd season of the show. "We don't know, but hopefully Netflix hears this because we would love it," Holmes continued, "We both had such a blast doing what we love doing every single day and making people happy."

Who will join the 2nd season's cast?

Since the show's 1st season featured a different couple every week, it's hard to predict what the cast will look like. According to Netflix Life, selecting couples for the upcoming season could be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the show's 1st season was filmed prior to the pandemic, lockdowns and sudden pauses on filming can delay reality shows greatly. There could be a 2nd season in the works, but casting the couples and getting the ball rolling could be possibly delayed.

One thing is certain, Holmes and Miller would love to return to the show. "That is all real, unscripted, we had the best time filming this," Miller shared with Newsweek. "Nichole and I both had all the emotions throughout the filming process, especially sweaty palms on decision day."

While Holmes and Miller were strangers before working on the show together, the cast included their real-life clients and the chemistry was perfect!

Where are the couples now?

Since no new details are out regarding a potential 2nd season, you might spend your time combing through information that has been released about the 1st season's couples and where they are today. One of the most aggravating episodes featured Liz and Evan, a couple who were struggling to decide between issuing a down payment on a home or shelling out millions for their dream wedding (via My Imperfect Life). While they were living in a hotel in Downtown Nashville, the couple made the choice to have their dream wedding rather than buy a house. With the COVID-19 pandemic, their wedding plans didn't go off without a hitch, but they did end up tying the knot in May of 2020.

Alex and Whitney were a beloved couple on the show. The pair of ER nurses had to deal with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic on both a personal and work level, sharing that they chose to leave their profession to get a master's degrees. "We've experienced a lot with COVID and being in the ER, so we're very grateful to be out of it." They now live in Utah (via Women's Health).

While most of the couples either got the home or wedding of their dreams, one couple seems to no longer be together. Sarah & Eli bought a home together, but now, it looks like they have split. They did not comment when reached out to by Women's Health.