The Most Tattooed Song Lyrics Of All Time

When the first known tattoo shop opened in America in 1870, owner and tattoo artist Martin Hildebrandt served a clientele of predominantly military-affiliated men and sailors, according to Skin Factory Tattoo. Today, around one-third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 have gone under the needle as tattoos have become more socially acceptable than ever (via Huff Post). Tattoos have evolved in style and become a favorite form of expression for people both young and old.

A popular choice of ink that holds a bit of meaning is a favorite song lyric. Most tattoo artists are skilled in creating beautiful fonts and have tattooed at least one song lyric on a client during their career. Some clients opt for timeless lyrics, while others have committed to a lifetime of wearing a pop lyric they later regretted. Given the popularity of certain songs, you would be right to assume that there are some repeats.

Beatlemania is going strong for tattoo enthusiasts

According to Tattoos SEO, the lyrics to the popular Beatles song "Let It Be" are a common choice among people of all ages. Many people opt for a simple script tattoo of the three words that make up the title of the song for a simple nod to the iconic musicians. For others, it becomes more of a personal tattoo with some inspirational weight behind it. These tattoos are often seen with a dove accompanying them, or with a cross for those who associate a religious significance with the phrase.

Another favorite among Beatles enthusiasts is the lyrics to the band's melancholy yet hopeful hit "Blackbird." According to Tattoo SEO, artists often have clients requesting a tattoo that reads "take these broken wings and learn to fly." While this variation is the most common, some people will get other variations of the lyrics. The tattoo is often associated with the sentiment of picking up the pieces of your life following a difficult time, moving on, and growing in the process. The Beatles' song lyrics are as timeless as their music and they continue to delight fans both new and old, so it's safe to say that a tattoo inspired by the British icons will never go out of style.

Bob Marley continues inspiring people through tattoos

In general, Bob Marley tends to be a super popular choice when it comes to immortalizing musicians in the form of a tattoo. Some people opt for a portrait, while many others opt for song lyrics from one of the singer's many hits. Artists get requests for various renderings all the time, so many are skilled in figuring out the perfect placement and design.

Bob Marley's music tends to make people feel good, so it comes as no surprise that tons of fans choose to commemorate the late reggae star with a tribute to his 1977 hit "Three Little Birds" as a reminder to maintain a positive attitude (via Tattoo SEO). Many people who visit their tattoo artist in search of the perfect "Three Little Birds" tattoo will tell you that it's a symbolic reminder to let go and know that everything will be okay. People will often add an outline of three birds to their ink, and some forego the lyrics entirely in favor of a more intricate visual representation of the song title in the form of three birds sitting on a branch.

People aren't afraid to go more modern with their lyric tattoos

Tons of musicians have inspired tattoos that have become go-to choices, and Nirvana is no exception. "Come As You Are," the title of the band's 1991 hit, has become a go-to for those looking to pay a permanent homage to the grunge icons (via Livingly). Tattoos this small are easy to hide, so it's a great option if you're just dipping your toes into the world of tattoos.

Lines from Florence And The Machine's "Shake It Out" have also become a more modern staple, with many people opting for the inspirational line "it's always darkest before the dawn." Other popular modern choices come from newer artists like Halsey, Avicii, and One Direction, per Livingly. 

No matter what you choose when you go under the needle for a musical tribute, you should make sure it makes you feel good. It doesn't matter if it holds deep significance or if you just really love the song, as long as you're ready to look at it for life.