Shop The Exact Good American Jeans Kourtney Kardashian Wears

Kourtney Kardashian has a passion for fashion. Since she was a child, the oldest Kardashian sister has worked to cultivate her own look. Over the years, she's rocked all kinds of looks. On the high-fashion side, Kourtney has dazzled in slinky black gowns and bedazzled pinstripe suits. On a casual day, Kourtney has embraced all kinds of activewear and even jeans.

Kourtney's personal style is ever-evolving, and seemingly she's not afraid to experiment. She's been pushing her style in an ever-edgier direction lately, with lots of leather and punk accessories. Even so, denim remains a foundational part of her style. Name a type of jeans, and you can bet that Kourtney has tried them: skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, classic straight-leg jeans. Her denim's been of different hues, from black to the lightest acid-wash. She's strutted in shorts and a variety of ripped and distressed styles. The evidence is clear: Kourtney knows jeans.

'The One' denim for Kourtney Kardashian

While she sometimes looks like she's ready to grab a mic and take the stage, Kourtney Kardashian's casual side remains. "My daily style is easy and effortless — I don't like to take too much time getting ready," she told Harper's Bazaar in May 2015. That's where sister Khloé Kardashian comes in. In 2016, Khloé and Emma Grede co-founded Good American, a women's apparel company. In an email to Bustle, Khloé explained, "We built Good American to meet a dire need for a fashion brand that's inclusive in every way and empowers all women." 

Like the supportive sister she is, Kourtney has tried her sister's brand and become a fan, as well as a star in a Good American ad campaign. Kourtney's denim of choice is Good American's Good Classic. In September 2021, she took to Instagram to share a picture of her rocking the jeans in a campaign photo, writing, "I think I found The One."

This high rise jean is all about accentuating your legs. A little bit of body-hugging stretch shows off your curves. The fit is described as "skinnyish, " according to the brand's website. The Good Classic comes in three different washes. Kourtney's choice is the lightest — the Blue508 wash. These versatile jeans can be worn with heels, Kourtney's favorite Converse sneakers, or nothing at all, as seen in her Instagram post.

Besides offering an inclusive range of sizes, Good American emphasizes sustainability. The Good Classic is made with organic cotton, eco-friendly washes, and solar-powered factories. You can get Kourtney's signature style while supporting a greener approach to fashion.