Does Prince Charles Really Hate The Queen's Favorite Food?

Mothers and sons all around the world, no matter their walks of life, do have their differences. They come from different generations, they are of different genders, and, well, they just see things differently ... and it's the same situation even when your head wears a crown. Queen Elizabeth and her son, Prince Charles, are quite close, and he's been stepping up more and more to ease her burden after the death of his father, Prince Philip. Still, they don't always see eye to eye.

Perhaps the most well-known occasion in which the queen and her son differed was when she preferred that he marry Lady Diana Spencer despite the fact that he was in love with another woman. She was also less than thrilled when he eventually divorced Diana and went on to marry the woman of his choice (herself also a divorcee). A far less dramatic, but nonetheless striking, difference between this mother/son pair lies in their diets. It seems that the queen and Prince Charles don't share the same food preferences.

Prince Charles can't stand chocolate, a favorite of the queen's

Queen Elizabeth has a surprisingly un-fancy diet for a woman who is the world's longest-reigning monarch and one of its wealthiest women. According to British Heritage, she starts her day with tea and cereal or maybe some eggs, and for lunch and dinner simple grilled meat and vegetables are typically on the menu. People added that she's also quite fond of hamburgers, though she prefers hers bun-less and served with cranberry sauce rather than ketchup. Her favorite food of all, though, seems to be pretty much anything chocolate, particularly a chocolate biscuit cake she enjoys on a regular basis.

Hello! revealed that Prince Charles, on the other hand, is all about eating an all-natural, organic, pesticide-free diet, so much so that he even takes his own food with him when he travels. He also has a few foods he really doesn't care for, including garlic (just as well, since it's apparently off-limits for the entire royal family), coffee (good thing he's about to become monarch of a tea-loving nation), and, shockingly, chocolate! Yes, that's right –- apparently the son of the world's most famous chocoholic can't stand the stuff. We're betting his mom doesn't mind his chocolate aversion, though. After all, that leaves more of it for her!