The Best BFF Tattoo For Friends Who Love Wine

Friends who drink wine together stay together — or at least that's how the motto should go. As a team, you've mastered the best wines for beginners and know which wines have the most alcohol, and now you're looking to take your friendship to the next level. There's only one tattoo that can truly accomplish this.

Wine tattoos aren't just for winemakers or professional connoisseurs. In fact, mommy wine culture has taken over the internet on many occasions, with moms drinking with their friends to unwind or drinking to relieve themselves of the strains of parenthood. According to Cafe Mom, moms have even begun getting wine tattoos together. Some of the most popular choices include wine glasses overlaid on the sun and moon, smitten wine glasses and bottles, and wine anatomy diagrams that depict whole grapes inside a wine bottle.

Still, one wine tattoo may reign supreme for best friends who love wine together, and it's simpler than you may think.

Wine glass tattoos are small but mighty

While wine tattoos can be incredibly elaborate, sometimes simpler is better. According to Byrdie, the best tattoo for best friends who both love wine is to get is a simple pair of matching wine glasses. The idea is that each person gets a wine glass on the same part of their body, but these can be customized too. For example, you could have wine sloshing out of them or little grapes in the glass. You could even detail the outside of the glass to add your own touch, or perhaps you want to add a little heart or other decorative addition to make the tattoo extra personalized. 

A simple wine glass suffices, but two wine glasses on each of you is also a cute idea, with both bodies thus representing a unified duo. In any case, getting a matching wine glass tattoo with the person with whom you enjoy it the most creates a bond that can never be broken.

These tattoos are apt because they're matching, but they can also be your secrets to each other. Our Mindful Life notes that people often get this ink on their upper thighs and other concealed places, making the tattoos even more special. Still, they'll remain extra special even if you get them somewhere noticeable. It's the bond between you that counts. No matter which route you go down, though, just enjoy the process — and go grab a glass of wine together after the tattoos are done.