What It Really Means When You Dream You Can't Walk

Who you are, where you're from, and the things you believe in can play an important part in your dreams and reveal what their significance is in your life. Dreams can also affect your life negatively or positively. When you have terrible dreams, for example, your sleep pattern could become disrupted and you could suffer a chronic inability to sleep, particularly if the nightmares are recurrent, per Advanced Sleep Medicine Services

It has also been suggested by researchers that bad dreams can be an indication of stress and anxiety as more people who experience these things while up and about are more likely to get horrible dreams, per Science Daily. On the flip side, sweet dreams could be a pointer to your overall well-being and positive mental health. When you get happy dreams such as dreams of falling in love or when you dream about getting rich, it could be as a result of the happy thoughts and tranquil, unagitated state you maintain while awake.

When you dream you can't walk, this is what it means

If you've had a dream in which you find yourself unable to run, walk, or move towards a place or away from it, one of the possible meanings of this is that you are helpless and powerless in your waking hours, per Dream Doctor.

To find yourself unable to use your legs in a dream where you've not been injured or wounded is a pointer towards an inability to keep up with others at work, in your family, or even among your circle of friends. The parallels are actually there to draw: Your willingness to walk in the dream shows your attempts to level up to where you think you should be in your waking life. The inability to walk despite the effort shows how hard you've been trying but to limited success.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself wanting to walk but lacking the ability to do so because of an injury or fracture to your legs, this could mean that you are not being supported in one or all the things you are trying to do. Your dream could be a way for you to see that those who are meant to be your support system are not giving you proper backing and that they may even be sabotaging you.

If you dream you can't walk, it could also mean that you are about to encounter some difficult issues that would require you to channel your inner strength in order to find a solution, via Dreams Astro.