The Best Drugstore White Eyeliner For The TikTok 4 Dot Trend

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It's no secret that makeup can be a pretty powerful thing. Just look at Nikkie de Jager's (aka NikkieTutorials) YouTube video, "The Power of Makeup," which taught the 42.5 million people who watched it that makeup has the power to transform, both inside and out. However, if you ask TikTok users, makeup has the power to do much more than that — and in fact, some are even saying it has hypnotic properties.

The newest makeup trend involves taking white eyeliner and drawing four white dots around both eyes. Not only does this technique look cute as heck, but according to the TikToker who created it, it has the power to hypnotize men into falling in love with you. Beauty guru Michelle Diaz (@bymichellediaz) took to the platform to show herself applying the look as she explained, "I'm telling you, you're going to hypnotize every single man who looks at your face." 

As the four dot trend has begun to circulate the app, other makeup users have given the look a try and are seeming to be experiencing similar positive results. One fan even DM'd Diaz, writing "I tried the two dots on my eyes recently when I went on a date, and giiirlll let me tell you, lol this man was like, I can't stop looking at you." "He loved it so much and even asked where I got my inspiration from" (via In The Know). Color us intrigued.

This is the exact eyeliner that the trend creator uses

Want to give the look a try? On Michelle Diaz's website, she lists some of her favorite beauty products which, luckily for us, includes the coveted white eyeliner that she uses to create her dots. The product in question is the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Liquid Liner in white, which you can currently purchase on Amazon for $9.97. According to her website, Diaz prefers this product more than any other white eyeliner on the market. "It's the only one I've found that doesn't flake off and [lasts] all day," she writes. She also adds that she has received feedback that women with darker skin have found the white dots to be too intense for their skin tone, so Diaz recommends switching to a gold liner for the same effect. She recommends the NYX Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeliner in the shade chamomile, which can be purchased from Amazon for $11.45 as well.

Not everyone has been experiencing the same heating up of their love lives after giving the trend a try, however. TikTok user Soph (@sopita4sophia) made a video of herself wearing the look, but was sorely greeted by no one falling in love with her. "Don't believe everything u see on tiktok kids," she tilted her video. Another TikTok user, BismaPar (@bismapar) said that the white dots ended up making her look "like a clown" (via Nylon).

The moral of the story? While we love the look of the white dot trend, let's try to keep hypnosis out of our love lives moving forward.