The Real Reason Peter Weber Didn't Accept An Invitation To Bachelor In Paradise

Peter Weber is no stranger to sharing his love life on television. The pilot previously starred as ABC's leading man during Season 24 of "The Bachelor." The season ended with big drama when he proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss but later revealed that he still had feelings for Madison Prewett (via ET). After ending his relationships with both Sluss and Prewett, Weber eventually moved on to Kelley Flanagan, who came in fifth during his season. Sadly, that romance didn't work out either, and Weber finds himself single again. Of course, fans wondered whether or not he may pop up in "Paradise" at some point.

Weber told Us Weekly that he was very happy for "Paradise" couple Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt after they became engaged during the show's finale (via Youtube). He also reportedly congratulated Riley and Maurissa, who also got engaged on the show. Weber admitted that he's seen "some solid relationships" stem from "Paradise," and that he believes Joe and Serena can "go the distance" (via Screen Rant). 

Former "Bachelorette" Becca Kurfrin famously appeared on "BIP" over the summer (via Insider), and Weber says that he also considered joining the show to see if he could find his perfect match on the beach. Sadly, he opted to skip the show this time around.

Peter Weber chose work over Paradise

According to Screen Rant, Peter Weber confessed that he was asked to join the most recent season of "Bachelor in Paradise." While he says he considered the offer, Weber ultimately decided to attend classes for United Airlines instead. However, he did have some thoughts on how the season played out for his friend Joe Amabile, whose ex-girlfriend Kendall Long made a shocking appearance on the beach just moments before he proposed to his fiancée Serena Pitt. Weber admitted that the moment brought back some uncomfortable memories of his own season of "The Bachelor." 

"It brought me back to my finale when I got like this huge bombshell," Weber told Us Weekly (via Youtube). "You go through this whole season, you deal with so much stuff and at the end you kind of just hope that like, alright, it's just gonna end on like a high note and no other distractions, no drama, and then when she came it immediately brought me back." Weber also revealed that he didn't like the fact that Kendall showed up to see Joe before his proposal. "I hate they did that to him because like that shouldn't have been about her," he stated.

For now, it seems that Weber isn't being pulled to return to "The Bachelor" franchise, but fans would likely love to see him join "Paradise" in the future.