Emily From I Love A Mama's Boy Left Fans Shocked With This Statement

TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" is the latest must-watch reality show that fans are discussing endlessly on social media. Envisioned in a similar vein to addictive reality TV shows like "90 Day Fiancé" and "sMothered," the series follows couples who are trying to figure out their lives together while the male companion is pulled in two different directions by his partner and his mother. As the Cinemaholic notes, "I Love A Mama's Boy" debuted in October 2020 and has consistently gained traction ever since, with a 2nd season commissioned almost immediately after the first.

Emily and Shekeb are one of the most talked about couples on the show, since his mother, Laila, frequently makes her dislike for Emily clear. Although it was "love at first sight," the couple has struggled to make things work thanks to Laila's near-constant interference and blatant disapproval. In particular, Laila believes Emily is a gold-digger and would rather find a nice Muslin woman for her son instead. Regardless, Shekeb and Emily continue planning their future together, including moving in and starting a family. However, her comments about working caused major tension between them.

Emily may have outdated views on working women

According to Meaww, fans were left reeling after Emily made some dodgy comments about working women on "I Love A Mama's Boy." While chatting about possibly getting married, to her partner Shekeb, Emily argued that a woman's place is in the home rather than the office. Shekeb wanted her to contribute to their household and even wedding expenses, but his girlfriend wants to follow in her own mother's footsteps and be a housewife. However, Emily clarified she's only interested in being a dog mom for the time being. Either way, Emily expects Shekeb to fund her lifestyle. He pointed out that the women in his family have always worked and he expects nothing less from her, since he views marriage as a partnership.

Fans were disgusted with Emily's stance, with one admitting, "Okay, I felt so bad for Emily last season, and now I'm like wow ... Laila has some superpowers the way she saw through that girl like that." Several others pointed out that Shekeb should've seen through her sooner, while one stated firmly, "Emily just set us back 100 years. As a woman, she's excommunicated from the community." Another fan hilariously argued, "Emily is confused about having a husband ... what she needs is a sugar daddy lmfao." The woman herself clarified her incendiary comments with a jokey Instagram post, writing, "I'm kidding, be a boss babe/bread winner ladies!!" Shekeb, meanwhile, referenced the debate in his own pointedly vague Instagram post.