Meet Isaiah Crews, Terry Crews' Son

Terry Crews, known for comedic roles in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "White Chicks," has become a Hollywood mainstay after leaving the NFL in 1997 (via IMDb). His high-energy caricatures lend perfectly to the film industry's penchant for slapstick comedy as well as hosting duties on shows like "America's Got Talent."

Taking inspiration from Crews is his 15-year-old son, who's gotten into acting this year. Isaiah Crews told TV Insider, "When I first saw my dad on "White Chicks" was when I knew. I thought that job seemed so fun and wanted to do this with my life." When the younger Crews spoke to his parents about the career path he envisioned for himself, they were just as excited. "My mom and dad were supportive from the start. My dad and mom are in entertainment and were excited to see me follow in their footsteps. They did whatever they could to help me get there, and it ended up successful," he said. However, acting wasn't Isaiah's first choice on the job board.

Isaiah Crews wanted to work at Baskin-Robbins

Not that Isaiah Crews needs it, but Terry Crew's son is now participating in "Side Hustle," a Nickelodeon live-action comedy, which premiered this year. He's playing Munchy, a character he describes as "extremely optimistic" to TV Insider, alongside social media stars Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels. He also said that he gets a lot of his acting notes and inspiration from his father's movies. "I've been watching "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." It's actually one of my favorite shows of all time ... Watching other shows that my dad has been on is helping me develop comedic timing. Learning when to hold for laughs, which is important on a sitcom," he said.

The "Side Hustle" brings Crews $15,000 per episode, per TMZ. Although he's doing really well for himself, Isaiah said that he had a backup plan in place, too. "I wanted to work at Baskin-Robbins for such a long time. To be honest, if I didn't get this acting job I would have applied to work there because I'm an ice cream fanatic," he told TV Insider.