The Best Foundations With SPF

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UV rays from the sun are constantly attempting to sabotage our skin (and health) — but thankfully, the human species has caught up. It's now the age of sunscreen, the barrier between us and the sun that can help reduce the risk of skin cancer, protect our skin from sunburn, and work as an aging antidote. Beauty brands are integrating the beloved SPF into other products too. You can now double, triple, or quadruple your protection by wearing sunscreen in the form of lip balms, BB creams, serums and foundation.

Foundation, which works as a base for all your makeup if you choose to use it, can be especially great as an additional sunscreen aid, as you'd mostly use it to cover your entire face. If you've decided to add foundation to your makeup and sun protection routine, make sure your foundation has the shade, finish, and SPF to keep you covered. Here are our recommendations.

These foundations double up as sunscreen, and they're all under $50

For those of us who love a face that looks like it's been filtered on IG, a full-coverage foundation is the way to go. The BAREPRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation ($35) from bareMinerals is a 24-hour long-lasting foundation that comes with SPF 20, making it a great option. It's also sweat-resistant and waterproof, so you know your SPF isn't sliding off. An iteration of a cult favorite, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage ($43) is also a sturdy, full-coverage concealer that even stays longer than the original, per Allure.

If you prefer light-to-medium coverage, you can't go wrong with the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint ($48). Winning awards from Allure and Byrdie, this skin tint has SPF 40 infused into it along with moisturizing ingredients like niacinamide and squalane. The Tower8 Sunnydays ($30) foundation is another product that made waves; 2,500 people were on the waitlist when it first launched, according to Allure. It has SPF 30 mineral sunscreen, as well as white sage extract, an anti-inflammatory. For a powder option, makeup artist Nick Stenson recommends the PÜR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15 ($30): "This is an amazing pressed, mineral powder with buildable coverage," he tells Byrdie.