The Best Hair Bonnets To Wear At Night

We put our hair through the most. From overheating, over-styling, over-applying products — it's no wonder that the haircare market is filled with "repairing" products. If you style your hair on a daily basis, you've likely employed a few steps and hacks to keep your hair from getting completely fried. Whether it be using heat protectant spray or nourishing hair masks, there are ways to keep your hair in check. But why not invest in a step that can effortlessly work to keep your hair smooth while you sleep?

Hair bonnets have been a staple for POC and BIPOC women for years. Bonnets are the ideal tool to keep your curly hair looking bouncy and fresh and keep your protective style in place overnight (via Grazia). With countless brands releasing hair bonnets that promise to keep your hairstyle in place while you sleep, hair bonnets have grown to become a holy grail for all women. If you're on the hunt for the perfect silky hair bonnet that suits your needs, look no further ...

Satin-lined hair bonnets work miracles for keeping your hair frizz-free

You've heard of silk pillowcases to keep your hair smooth overnight, but what they can't quite help with is keeping your straight hair straight and your curls intact. That's why hair bonnets are a must overnight. They are often lined with satin or silk to ensure that when you wake up your hair will look exactly like you left it (via The Strategist).

If you're looking for a silky inside to keep your hair smooth, Byrdie recommends going for Silke's London Hair Wrap. The bonnet comes in a cocoon shape with a knot front that helps secure it all night long. Sometimes you'd like to protect your hair 24/7, especially if you're working with a temperamental weave, so it's important to find one that's going to look as good as it's treating your hair. For a hair bonnet that you're comfortable being seen in, you should opt for one of the many pretty luxury patterns provided by Yeli Yeli Bonnet (via Elle). The range comes in some unique, stunning Ankara prints.

Lastly, a popular reason to use hair bonnets for super curly hair types is to keep the curls bouncy. Nothing is worse than using all the right gels and mousses to get those perfect ringlet curls, only to sleep and wake up to find a frizzy wavy mess. For curls, Glamour recommends Only Curls Satin Sleep Turban that retails for only $21.